A few hours ago, it was reported by various sports stations that Cleveland Cavaliers had made arguably, the biggest move in trade deadline history. It is no secret that the reigning Eastern Conference Champion is in a deep slump. Their victory last night against the Orlando Magic is considered lucky by many.

Cavaliers traded half of their roster

Talent was never an issue with the Cavaliers. Yes, Isaiah Thomas is just getting his groove back due to a hip injury, however, that's not an excuse as some sports analyst and former NBA players point out.

The biggest issue on their team is chemistry. For the last 10 games, it's evident that some of their players play for themselves or what they call stat padding. Thomas is a great player but it is not clicking with their style of play. The numbers speak volume and he currently has the worst rating defensively.

With that said, Cavs management had enough of the chemistry issues as they’ve decided to end the “Isaiah Thomas Project ”. Lakers received Isaiah and Channing Frye while Cleveland received two young guns namely Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance. The move didn’t stop there as they also shipped Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder to Utah Jazz. While Rodney Hood and George Hill join the King and his crew.

Dwyane Wade is back to South Beach which is actually his homecoming. D-wade is now seeing the horizon of his NBA career and it is fitting for him to retire where everything started for him.

Three team deal part two

The trade bonanza is not yet finished as a few more teams have made interesting shakeups. Elfrid Payton who is exceptional as the point guard for Orlando Magic was sent to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a 2nd round 2018 draft pick.

Sheldon Mac who was with the Washington Wizards is back with Atlanta Hawks.There was another 3 team deal that materialised which includes sharpshooter Doug McDermott. The Creighton alum will play with the Dallas Mavericks, while Emmanuel Mudiay will team up with Tim Hardaway and Devin Harris will be with the surging Nuggets.

Few more names available

The Cavs have two more slots on their overhauled roster and they might acquire a big man. With that said, if the Lakers will utilise Channing Frye instead of Brook Lopez, we might see the skilled big man in a Cavs uniform. However, there is a possibility that Channing Frye will also do a buyout. The best fit for him if he does that would be the Golden State Warriors. Lastly, since George Hill is already out of the equation, the San Antonio Spurs have only a few options to make this deadline. Recently, it was rumoured they are ready to let go one of their x-factors. Danny Green was also involved and he might go to the Los Angeles Clippers. In return, they will receive the defensive stopper and consistent scorer, Avery Bradley. Fans are divided on the latest news but, it might be the best for their team.