It has been a rough week for one of the best franchises in NBA history. The Spurs looked defenceless as they’ve dealt with four straight losses which are uncanny in the AT&T centre. This created some intriguing insight and rumours that the team in San Antonio might be done for the season already.

Aside from dealing with their current slide, the Spurs were also having some dilemma with the face of the franchise, Kawhi Leonard. It is no secret that The Klaw’s injury is taking a toll on San Antonio’s playoff run. Although he was medically cleared by their own medical staff, Kawhi and his uncle opted for a second opinion in New York.

This is also the main reason why he stayed there for 3 weeks.

The silent assassin and his impact

Fans were both stunned and annoyed with the news. A lot were actually pouring their heart out about a possibility of Kawhi Leonard no longer wearing a Spurs uniform. Others actually called out the former finals MVP telling him to man up. Well, a couple of hours ago, it was reported by ESPN and Bleacher Report that Leonard will indeed return in March. So what does that mean to the Spurs and the rest of the NBA?

If Kawhi Leonard returns in his best form after the injury, then it is safe to say that the rest of the league should take notice. Yes, he only played 9 games this season with minutes restriction but he showed everybody why he is considered as a top 3 two way player.

The good thing about The Klaw is he doesn’t always rely on his athleticism. Being coached by the great Gregg Popovich made him develop and sharpen his basketball fundamentals.

Currently, San Antonio Spurs is rank 4th in the Western Conference. The run and gun offence by Houston Rockets takes the top spot and close to second is the defending champions Golden State Warriors.

The Minnesota Timberwolves cracked number 3 spot thanks to their core group even without multiple All Star, Jimmy Butler.

Wild Wild West

Do they have what it takes to defeat this western powerhouse? The answer is a resounding yes. Even without checking the analytics, the Spurs seems to be unbeatable when Kawhi is leading the group.

LaMarcus Aldridge is doing his best to carry the team but it is still not enough without The Klaw. Last year's playoffs speak volumes. Spurs defeated the heavy favourites Rockets in 6 games during the Western Conference semifinals. Then tragedy struck them when Zaza Pachulia of the Golden State Warriors “accidentally” tripped on Kawhi Leonard which cost them the entire series.