It has been a busy week for the Cleveland Cavaliers to say the least. They’ve been on an up and down schedule as they’ve lost three of their last five games. Multiple analysts state that the reigning Eastern Conference champs are still facing some on and off the court drama. Apparently, Tyronn Lue has been having some health issues and it's really a challenge for him to do the coaching job.

Tyronn Lue’s Situation

On ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith stated that Lue’s health issue was never a secret but kept private to a degree. Tyronn Lue was not the fastest or the biggest among the players in his day.

However, he was known for his passion and hustle. People tend to forget that during his time, the game was more physical. Same goes with Doc Rivers, Nate McMillan, and other coaches.

The only problem is the timing of his leave will have a negative impact on the league, especially Cavs fans. Remember when Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers defeated Cleveland the other week? Well, things didn’t look great as several cameras caught LeBron James and Tyronn Lue in a heated exchange. But there’s nothing to worry about as Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith stated. Both LeBron and Tyronn Lue just want the best for their team. Larry Drew will pick up the head coach duties for the meantime while waiting for Lue’s return.

More drama with the Cavs

Have we seen the last of Tyronn Lue as the Cavs head coach? Social media and other sports magazines usually erupt every time LeBron is dealing with some problems in his team. There are memes surrounding the internet right now about LeBron being the real head coach of the team not Tyronn Lue. There are rumors that the reason behind the blockbuster trade that happened during the All-Star break is because LeBron James wants full control.

Regardless of what will happen, Cavs are still the team to beat in the east.

Penny Hardaway is the new coach of Memphis

In other news, former NBA All-Star and one of the most versatile players in the NBA History, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway agrees to be the new head coach for Memphis. For those who are not familiar, Penny is a native of Memphis, Tennessee.

He was a standout with the Tigers and it is only fitting for him to coach his collegiate team. A lot might be asking his credential as a coach but Penny is like Magic Johnson. His basketball skills and basketball IQ as a floor general will provide him an edge to climb the ranks of the ACC. How great was Penny Hardaway? He was an athletic version of Magic Johnson and can do both ends of the court.