Remember a few weeks ago when everybody thought that the glory days of San Antonio was over? When teams under 500 were outplaying them and giving them trouble? When the media started yapping about the need to change their lineup and probably the culture of silver and black?

New breed, same team

All of these were thrown at the Spurs but those same people are now eating their own words. The Spurs system which is the 'beautiful game' is constructed to make the most out of their players. This was manifested when their head coach, Gregg Popovich made an interesting move.

Tony Parker’s jersey will be hanging from the rafters one day and will be considered as one of the best point guards in history. The move was for him to give up his starting position to their young backup point guard Dejounte Murray.

Tony Parky’s class act

Parker stated to the media that Pop talked to him and inform him that this is the right time to give his spot. The former finals MVP understood the situation and accepted his new role without any question. Murray was stunned but also understood the task ahead. During their game with the Cavaliers, the versatile guard demonstrated an uncanny ability to dominate the game. He was able to score 19 points with 53% field goal percentage. Murray also had 10 big rebounds and probably the most astonishing stat line in that game, 7 steals.

David Bertans and Bryn Forbes also combined 21 points and new element to the Spurs arsenal. There’s something with these 3 players that is very evident when they played. They are hungry, skilful and most of all disciplined. Have you ever seen a Spur celebrate like they won the championship after a regular season game? This is also the very reason why Gregg Popovich is arguably the greatest coach in NBA history.

Trade talks and Fake News

The Kawhi Leonard trade fiasco has been getting out of hand in the past few days. Jalen Rose (ESPN) who is exceptional in providing insights about the game of basketball stated that Kawhi wants to be traded. The team owner, management and coach Pop have already shut down those fake news reports but a lot are still chirping about it.

In his latest interview, Jalen Rose is adamant about Kawhi’s situation. He truly believes that despite the pedigree of the Spurs, Kawhi is still looking for a new place where he could be happy. He also ended his interview stating that it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. Well, whatever happens, understand that nobody should take the Spurs lightly.