The team that has five World Cups is always among the favourites. Traditionally, Brazil has had many of the best players in every tournament. Since Pelé led them to win three titles until the last one with Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho, they have been featuring the most fearsome strikers in every tournament.

But in 2014, when they played at home and, once again, the team was one of the candidates to reach the glory, many of the football supporters were arguing about the lack of quality in the squad. Apart from Neymar, the rest of the attackers didn´t seem good enough to face the best teams of the tournament.

On the other hand, their 3-0 victory against Spain in the final of the Confederations Cup just one year before showed even with fewer quality players, the hard-working Brasilian team could win another World Cup. Nevertheless, their pace throughout the tournament of 2014 was hesitant causing some worry for their fans.

In fact, they were lucky to not lose against Chile in the second round, however, they were thrashed by Germany in one of the most famous matches in World Cup history.

Brazil revival with Tite

Certainly, after the 7-1 defeat against Germany and 3-0 against the Netherlands, the team needed a change, and Scolari left the charge. Mistakenly, Dunga was selected again, even though he didn´t pass the quarter-finals of 2010 when he was leading the national team in the World Cup.

He managed the team during the Copa América of 2015 and 2016. After Brazil was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the first and didn´t even go through the first round of the second, Dunga was fired.

Thus, Tite was elected as the coach, with the difficult mission of reviving a team that seemed forever lost. Precisely, Brazil had just won two matches of six at the South American qualification, and it was in real danger to miss their first World Cup.

Nonetheless, the national team won nine matches in a row, with impressive victories against Uruguay for 1-4 and against Argentina for 3-0.

The trident plus strength

How Tite has changed the picture of a sad team is remarkable. Certainly, he has shown a preference for the 4-3-3, usually with Neymar, Coutinho and Gabriel Jesús as the three strikers.

Behind them, Casemiro, Paulinho, and Renato Augusto give the balance to the team, most necessary considering Marcelo and Alves are constantly attacking from the back.

In addition, players such as Firmino, Filipe Luis, Willian or Fernandinho are waiting for their opportunity from the bench. Because Brazil doesn´t lack quality in any of the positions, as the team did in 2014.

Therefore, the team is, along with Germany and Spain, one of the contenders to win the tournament. Tite, who has a 76.47% of victories with the national team, is the captain of a squad capable to reach their sixth World Cup.

In doing so, Neymar has the opportunity to complete the dynasty of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And for Brazil to forget the nightmare of 2014.