Every two years is the same story in England, high expectations and a huge disappointment. At least, this is happening since 1996, the last time the three lions reached the semifinals in a competition.

Since then, and even though they have had probably the best group of players with Owen, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard or Terry, they have been struggling in every tournament. Not in 2008, just because they couldn´t even qualify for the competitions, after being humiliated by Croatia in a surprisingly lost at home.

Therefore, the last early exit against Iceland in 2016 was seen as a normal fact, but indeed, perhaps was the worst elimination that England has suffered in the Eurocup, against a debutant team in the tournament.

The young champions

Nevertheless, there is a dim light in the future of the National Team. Although it seems that the Russia world cup will be too early for most of these players, they will be the hope in the next years.

Apart from Solanke, who was brilliant in that tournament, there are players such as Winks, Stones, Kane or Pickford that are still young but with the capacity to be part of an illusional team.

Is that group of players better than the so-called "golden generation"? Probably not yet, but some of them are playing an excellent football in Manchester City or Tottenham, two teams that are showing in Europe their credentials to go further in the #Champions League.

Russia is coming

Indeed, Brazil, Germany or Spain look much better than England nowadays.

However, the victory of Portugal in the last Eurocup might be an inspiration for the rest.

Obviously, England doesn´t have a player like #Cristiano Ronaldo. Still, the power of the glorious victory of his team was more due to a hard-working essence than any great individual performance.

At this moment, the supporters of England expect another fruitless campaign in Russia, certainly for more past failures than a clear reality, that they are among the group of eight countries capable of doing something amazing in the tournament.

In fact, with a top striker, a solid defence and fast wings, Southgate only needs to decide if it's better to keep playing with Dier or Henderson or be bold enough to introduce the talent of Winks. There is time to see it.

Moreover, the choice for the goalkeeper seems hard to do it, because there are at least three with chances to be the chosen one in the World Cup.

Apparently, Hart is the more experienced, but Pickford is clearly deserving to play in the national team.