With British boxer, David Haye, pulling out of yet another fight due to 'injury' - Bellew needs a new opponent. With Tyson Fury being his next sought after prey.

Tony Bellew, 35, has revealed this week that himself and the Gypsy King shared a phone call with each other. The Merseyside boxer has spoken about the infamous boxer a great amount within the press, however, the Gypsy King has appeared to take the more direct approach.

It has been reported that the Gypsy King called Bellew's personal number and told the British boxer that he 'wanted to punch his face in'.

Fighting talk from somebody who's been compared to Stavros Flatley.

Bellew v Fury - will it happen?

Regarding the fight itself, talks have allegedly already starting to take place. Matchroom boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, has claimed that the fight is a 'simple deal', which could see the former world champion official return to the boxing ring.

Tyson 'The Gyspy King' Fury was banned in June 2016 for the use of anabolic steroids, with his last fight coming in 2015 against Wladimir Klitschko. This was viewed as a legendary bout which saw the Gypsy King beat the famed Ukranian boxer on points, providing him with the WBO and WBA belts.

However, since this historic victory, Fury has endured a turmoil period within his career.

Following his ban which was later lifted just months later, he decided to relinquish his titles to focus upon his recovery from mental health issues. Furthermore, Fury needed to have some time away from the public eye, with constant drug allegations resting on his shoulders.

Fury's return

Within recent months, Fury has become incredibly active upon social media, releasing multiple videos of his typically relaxed training camps and the usual slander of other boxers.

However, these factors aside, there is no doubt that the Gypsy King is one of the most talented boxers within the heavyweight division.

The 29-year-old would have a considerable advantage over Tony Bellew, particularly within the height and weight department. The Gypsy King stands at an impressive 6"9 whilst Bellew just reaches 6"2, a seven inch difference between the two fighters.

Therefore, having a considerable reach upon his opponent.

The optimism of Bellew

Despite this, Bellew remains heavily optimistic. The Liverpudlian started his career as a light-heavyweight but made the jump to the prestigious division in order to take on David Haye. Bellew feels that he would be able to replicate this performance and provide a surprise victory against Fury.

"Fury is a brilliant fighter, but I definitely reckon the way things have gone and the way the land lies at the moment, I definitely reckon I can beat him."