Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2017 is known as one of Europe's most clinical strikers, well, it's slightly unfair to compare him to other players if he 'isn't human'. However, according to an article by Goal.com, there was a time where the Swedish striker struggled to find the back of the net, which is rather strange to comprehend bearing in mind his lethal nature.

Hitting the target

Fabio Capello, 71, has admitted that Ibrahimovic 'could not shoot' when he first joined the club back in 2004. Super-agent, Mino Raiola, promised the Italian manager that he could 'break goalkeepers hands', when in reality he was more consistent in hitting row Z rather than the back of the net.

When the striker joined the Turin based club, Capello had this to say: "When Ibrahimovic arrived at juventus, he was not good at shooting.".

Furthermore, when Raiola made the bold statement that he has the ability to break a goalkeeper's hand, the Italian manager replied in laughter saying: "Listen to me, for the moment he only breaks windows in the gym."

However, we are now fully aware of Zlatan's shooting abilities and it is no longer a laughing matter.

The guidance of Zlatan's career

Fabio Capello has taken credit within recent weeks for the success of the Swede's career and is said to be able to tame the 'lion' with ease, claiming that he never had any problems with Ibrahimovic despite being a handful at times.

When discussing the Swedish striker and the acquisition of the player in an interview, Capello had this to say: "Juventus made an incredible purchase, they bought him for £16m payable in four payments. At Ajax they decided he would not be a great player. They preferred to keep Mido, who was easier to manage.

Ibrahimovic has won 32 trophies in his career, whilst Mido won four and spent a season at West Ham - safe to say their careers went in very different directions.

A player better than Zlatan?

Furthermore, Capello went on to reveal that the giant Swede is not the greatest player that he has ever coached, this honour belongs to the original ronaldo.

Capello coached a range of clubs throughout his illustrious career, working with teams such as Juventus, Real Madrid, Roma, Milan, and coach of the England national team.

Therefore, the Italian had the pleasure of working with a range of wonderful players - but the original Ronaldo stuck out from the rest according to Capello.

However, Ronaldo struggled with weight problems towards the tail end of his career but despite this Capello remembers him fondly as a player.

"Unfortunately, I found him at the end of his career when he weighed 96kg," said the former Real Madrid manager. Capello later quizzed the Brazilian asking him what he weighed during the 2002 World Cup, he replied "84kg". The Italian manager suggested that he should drop his weight to 88kg but still admitted that he was a fantastic player nonetheless.