Russian side Spartak Moscow has found themselves embroiled in a scandal following a racist tweet which was shared on their official account today.

The Scandal

The tweet is accompanied by a 15-second video of four Spartak Moscow players performing stretches prior to a training session. It was the description of the video, however, which has caused a stir.

Once translated, the tweet reads: "See how chocolate melts in the sun", accompanied with emoticons such as the smiling face, the sun and chocolate bar emojis.

The Russian side could be set to face some serious punishment as a consequence of sharing the tweet.

In addition to this, questions are raised whether the 2018 World Cup should be held in Russia, with one of their top sides having such a negative attitude towards racism.

The Punishment

Spartak Moscow is the current Russian champions and finished third in their Champions League qualifiying group, therefore they should be setting a better example for the Russian people.

Furthermore, many people have reacted to the tweet as the Russian club has received a range of responses. The first and most popular reply stated that Spartak Moscow should be investigated by UEFA and expressed anger that Russia is hosting this year's World Cup.

On the other hand, other users are suggesting that Spartak Moscow should be removed from the Europa League due to their attitudes towards racism.

However, some Russian native users have replied to the tweet saying "You disgrace our country and our people", suggesting that this scandal may have angered parts of the Russian population.

The video features Luiz Adriano, a striker who signed for the club from AC Milan just 12 months ago. The Brazilian striker was seen smiling and content.

It appears he was unaware of the caption that the club intended on putting on the tweet.

The Russian side is yet to take down the racist post or issue any form of apology, concluding this may highlight the club's views on attitudes towards racism. However, it is harsh to single out this club for acts of racism as it's still found within football today.

It isn't just Russia

Antoine Griezmann found himself caught up in a racist scandal as he dressed up as a 1980's basketball player, making the decision to cover himself in black paint. While, Firmino of Liverpool is being investigated for racist remarks on Mason Holgate. Nonetheless, let's hope racism can be stamped out of the game in 2018.