Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen - just some of the fights over the years that transcend the boundaries of their sport. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are the ones who are next up in a super fight with a larger-than-life buildup surrounding it. Conor McGregor might just be the biggest name in UFC history yet few are giving him a chance against one of boxing's all time greats in Floyd, with a lot of the scenarios going around as to how the fight can turn out.

Who is supporting whom?

Former undisputed champion Mike Tyson was quite vocal in stating that McGregor made a wrong move in choosing to fight with boxing rules, "McGregor is going to get killed in boxing," Mayweather's previous super fight was against Pacquiao and the Filipino favoured Mayweather to win easily, "There is no way McGregor will be able to land a meaningful punch on Floyd". Andre Berto, Floyd's previous opponent was much more neutral than most boxers commenting on the fight, "It's the boxing game and anything can happen. If Conor can land a crazy shot, and if he does that, he's the president of the world!"

Most opinions coming out of the MMA world, including those from former champions Holly Holm and Eddie Alvarez, the man Conor last fought, give him a chance for victory if he can finish the fight early in the first few rounds.

One of UFC's all time greatest and current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones paid respect to both fighters mentioning Floyd as 'unquestionably great' and said lack of experience could work against McGregor further stating, "If I were a betting man, I would imagine that you'd have to side on the side of greatness."

Who is attending the fight and how much does it cost?

According to TMZ reports, Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, Drake and Jamie Foxx are among a few of the superstars expected to attend the bout.

There are even rumours that Donald Trump might be present, news surrounding the chief-of-staff suggests that he may have made contact with the promoters or Showtime.

The ticket prices for the event range from $500 to $10,000. With varying tickets, from general admission to $1,000 for a 10-person table with privilege services to watch the fight from closer up.

The tickets have not been sold out yet and are expected to drop in price as the event draws closer, this pattern was observed prior to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight as well.

Where can you watch and how much will it cost?

Sky Box Office will broadcast the fight in the UK and Showtime in the United States, while UFCTV, Showtime PPV and PlayStation Store will allow streaming of the fight online. Prices to watch the fight in the UK are around £19.95 and that in the Republic of Ireland is €24.95. The United States sees a massive spike in the previously mentioned number as it will cost a whopping £69.85 to watch the fight in standard definition and a further £77.60 if you want to watch in HD. The number of viewers is expected to be quite higher than the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight which drew in more than 4 million viewers.

The fight takes place 26th August, Saturday night in the United States, however, UK time will see the fight start as early as 04H30 on Sunday with the main event starting half an hour before. The press conference for the main event is on Wednesday allowing both fighters to have a final verbal exchange in what has been a heated series of press events. The weigh-in for the fight will be at 23H00 UK time on Friday.