Mancher City will face Southampton. For the neutral supporters, it will be another opportunity to see again the marvellous squad that Guardiola is building up. Considering the big number of matches played by the team, perhaps the manager will introduce some changes in the starting eleven.

In spite of this, De Bruyne could rest and give his place to Gündogan, who is getting closer to reach the level that made him one of the best midfielders in Europe when he was playing at Dortmund.

Even though they suffered excessively against Huddersfield, they are being the best team in England and, possibly with PSG, the most feared in Europe.

Liverpool needs to win again

After a strange week in which they were winning both of his games until the last minutes, maybe the confidence of Liverpool it is lowest than it should be. Because the team is reaching again the dynamism and fastness that it was showing during the first games of the season.

Even so, they will need to improve defensively if they want to get the victory in the usually difficult stadium of Stoke City. Moreover, the former player of Liverpool, Peter Crouch, has signed a one-year contract extension, and he would be pleased to mark it against the ‘reds’.

Therefore, the team will put their hopes in the forwards, who are creating plenty of chances in every match.

Arsenal and Chelsea play at home

Both of them will play against, theoretically, weak enough opposition to win comfortably their games. Nonetheless, they showed sign of fatigue during the last match day, something understandable considering their matches in Europe.

On the other hand, the deserved victory against Tottenham should be as a reminder to Arsenals players that they have enough quality to keep playing as they did in the derby of North London.

Even though the rumours of the possible selling of Ozil and Alexis are being spread again around the English capital, Wenger has been denying this possibility. Undoubtedly, he needs both of them in the best fit possible to stay in the Champions League positions.

Though Chelsea has been showing as a better team than the gunners, they are just one point above them in the Premier League.

Therefore, the battle to finish the competition in the first four spots seems more thrilling than ever.

Realistically, no one looks well enough to shadow the level of Manchester City, although there are many months until the end of the season. And yet, the other five teams are fighting for the three spots to play in the maximum competition for the next year.

And considering that Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham might go far in the Champions League, and Arsenal should do the same in the Europe League, the deepest squad could reach the final prize.