The Premier League is on and catching fire. Liverpool was amidst doubt because of Coutinho who Barcelona is reported to have matched the asking price for the player. But who would replace the player once he left? Since they believe that Klopp didn't buy players.

Well, I am not a Liverpool fan but from the perspective of a football fan, I believe the Liverpool fans loved today's show of skill. This performance just might be what Klopp had in store for the club if only they can maintain it.

4 goals for Liverpool and a clean sheet

Liverpool from the first half was the team which seemed hungrier for a win, they played their hearts out looking for counters and any attacking opportunity to present itself.

They were not too concerned about possession but rather about how many times can they get past the Arsenal defence and make an attempt on goal.

They were focused on the prize and at the half time mark, they were two goals up. The first goal came from a Firmino header in the 17th minute from a Gomez cross which went past Cech, the second goal coming a little later from Mane who took a through ball from Firmino and curved into the far corner in the 40th minute getting his third goal in this campaign.

When the second half came, Liverpool pulled in another goal this time from Mo Salah who robbed Bellerin and ran 60 yards and got past Cech with a curved shot which effectively made the score line 3-0 in the 57th minute.

Late in the game in the 77th minute, Salah provided an assist for substitute Sturridge who headed past Cech to make the score 4-0.

Liverpool continue their unbeaten streak

Today's match is historic to the Liverpool fans and players, it's also historic for the Arsenal fans and players - but just not so pleasant for them.

Today's win apart from continuing Liverpool's winning streak makes it the first time they have beaten Arsenal three times in a row in 19 years.

This didn't come easy as a look into the match statistics shows that Liverpool has 10 shots on target compared to Arsenal's 0 shots on target. They also have 18 shots in total while Arsenal managed to get 8 shots off during the match.

On the side of bookings Arsenal had four bookings; the following are the Arsenal players who got booked during the match one for Danny Welbeck, Granit Xhaka, Mesut Ozil and Rob Holding.

While the Liverpool players who were booked are Dejan Lovren and Joseph Gomez.

Manchester United only team to have full points in their matches so far

The Red Devils lead the premier league table with 9 points and 10 goal difference, Liverpool who are number two have 7 points and 5 goal difference.

Arsenal is number 16 currently on the table with 3 points and 4 in goal difference. There are four teams under Arsenal on the premier league three of which have zero points so far in the three matches played.

It's still early in the premier league and anything can happen, it is certainly too early to call out a winner at this stage, but what we can do is hope to see if the record for most unbeaten games in a season can be broken this season.