Currently, the Catalans have won eleven matches and they have drawn just once against #Atletico in the Wanda Metropolitano. Therefore, everything that is not a triumph of Barcelona might be considered as a surprise.

However, today they visit the tough stadium of Mestalla, where Valencia, after a couple of years chasing shadows, is flying again. In fact, they are four points behind their rivals, and if they win against Barcelona, they would be close enough to think about bigger things.

Teams such as Barcelona, Real or Atletico are also facing difficult matches in the Champions League, and the fatigue may be a determinant factor in the last months of competition.

On the other hand, Marcelino's team are not playing in Europe this year, and with a squad full of talent and young players, they are waiting to gift their supporters a huge surprise.

Griezmann and Ronaldo find the path to the goal

Surprisingly, before yesterday's matches, the French had just scored two goals in #La Liga, and the Portugues only one. Considering that both have among the greatest players in the world, those numbers were very low for such talented footballers.

Nonetheless, a few days after a magnificent goal scored against Rome, #Griezmann added two more facing Levante during the match on Saturday, helping his team to win 0-5.

Going through a similar situation on La Liga, #Cristiano gave his team the victory against Malaga 3-2, finding the net seconds after missing a penalty.

But the goal drought for the Portugues is only happening in the Spanish competition, because he is actually the top scorer in the Champions League, with eight goals on his account.

Barcelona is looking to sentence La Liga

Although the winter has not arrived yet and there are many matches to play, a victory for the Catalans would open the gap between their rivals to seven points.

And without the excellence of past years, Barcelona has not lost any match since August. With players such as Paulinho, Umtiti, Busquets and Ter-Stegen showing a remarkable efficiency, the quality of Messi is giving his team many victories.

Therefore, it's difficult to believe they are beaten. Nevertheless, Valencia is cheering up the neutral supporters with their fine performances, and with players such as Rodrigo, Zaza, Soler or Guedes leading the team.

Indubitably, a trial of fire for Marcelino's team, that want to be considered great again in Spain, as once they were.