Since 2008 until 2012, few would argue that Guardiola's team was the best in the world. As a matter of fact, they won two Champions League in just four editions. Moreover, although they were knocked out in semifinals of 2010 and 2012, against Internazionale of Milan and Chelsea, in both of them they could have reached the last match with a bit of effectiveness. Precisely, those well defended, solidary teams were the hardest ones for Barcelona.

Apart from their success in Europe, they also won La Liga three times and two Spanish Cup. Probably, that team with Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol was the best in the history of the football.

Then, the actual manager of Manchester City did quit the job and the Catalan team went through two fruitless campaigns in the Champions League, where Bayern Munich beat them for an astonishing 7-0 before Atletico Madrid broke their long running to the semifinals, that finished in six consecutive.

The arrival of Luis Enrique

Obviously, after a disappointing season with Martino leading the team, Barcelona must be renovated, firstly with a new coach. For that task, the choice was Luis Enrique, a former player of the Catalans, and a loved one among the supporters.

Nonetheless, he didn´t start as well as might be dreamt for their people. During the first season, his worst moment probably was the defeat against Real Sociedad in January of 2015, after he decided not to include Messi and Neymar for starting the match.

Apparently and after that result, he realised that the now famous 'MSN', alluding to the initials of the three players, were vital in the pursuit of reaching the objectives.

Thus, they won the three competitions after a sensational second part of the season, and the next one, they became again champions of La Liga and the Spanish Cup.

However, the elimination in Europe, against Atlético, the same rival that threw them away in 2014, it started to establish some doubts about the ideas of the Barcelona's manager.

Indeed, the last season of Luis Enrique was the hardest one. Despite they could win again the Spanish Cup, Real Madrid was clearly the triumphant of the year after taking La Liga, for the first time since 2012, and revalidating the Champions League title.

Valverde and his solid team

Therefore, Luis Enrique left the bench of Barcelona, same as Neymar, perhaps in one of the most shocking transfers in the recent story of football. At least, it was the most expensive.

Considering the departure of one of the best players in the world, and the failures in taking Verratti and Coutinho, the expectations among Barcelona's supporters were very low.

Besides, the lost against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup was very painful for them, not just for not winning a less importance competition, but for the superiority showed for the current king of the European football.

Nevertheless, Valverde has been building a hard-worker team, with Umtiti especially outstanding as a central defender and Ter-Stegen doing overwhelming saves in most of the matches.

Apart from the two lost against Real Madrid in August, they have been unbeaten since then. Nowadays, they are leading La Liga with 10 points of difference with 'Los Blancos', and if they won against the second-placed Valencia during this weekend, they would hit a streak almost definitive for winning the Spanish competition.

It seemed that might be a bad season for Valverde`s players, however, they have even finished in the first position on a European group integrated for Juventus, which eliminated the Catalans during the last competition.

Certainly, it looks like their quality and dynamism of their passes has been lost in the recent times, especially this season. Maybe this is the right path to follow, changing the brilliance for effectiveness, considering that Iniesta is not as brilliant as once he was and there is not another player like Xavi.

Even though, with their defensive strength, the rotations that Valverde is making to refresh their players, and obviously, with Messi leading the team, it seems impossible to not imagine Barcelona winning the Champions League for the sixth time.