Many fans around the world stayed up late on Saturday night or woke up really early on Sunday to catch a glimpse of the Mayweather vs. Mcgregor fight. This was McGregor's first professional Boxing match and he performed better than most people had expected him to, including Floyd. He admitted in an interview after the fight that McGregor performed better than he had expected him to. He also said that he knew from his MMA fights he goes hard for about 25 minutes and then starts to slow down.

That's the chance Mayweather was waiting for, so when McGregor started to slow up that's when he pounced.

McGregor stands strong in the boxing ring

Although he was the underdog in this boxing match, McGregor did a great job as he dominated the first two rounds, although Floyd said that was their plan to give him space to let loose and tire him so that they could go in when the opportunity presented itself. Mayweather had promised the fans an interesting match, in a way, compensating for the Manny Pacquiao fight in which many fans said he defended the whole fight and didn't let the fans have a spectacle to watch.

McGregor was set to make over $100 million and Floyd is reported to be expected to make upwards of $200 million. This makes it the most lucrative fight that McGregor has ever participated in his entire career, including his MMA fights.

50-0 Floyd retires after historic win

The money team CEO had in June trademarked TBE 50 and TMT 50 in preparation for today's win. Before this, he was tied with Rocky Marciano's all time record of 49-0. There are slight distinctions, such as Rocky fighting in the heavy weight category and of his 49 professional wins, only six were by decision, five of which were unanimous and the rest were all by knockout.

Floyd does deserve credit for ending his professional boxing career with a new record of undefeated wins. The self-declared best-ever champ has 50 fights under his belt in support of his claim and you cannot ignore the humongous amounts of money he has made in the process.

Win-win situation for McGregor?

If you ignore the fact that he lost on a technical knockout and look at how he performed in his rookie appearances as a boxer, then look at the huge amount of fans who were watching, both Floyd and McGregor and then the other angle of the purse to be taken home.

It seems to me like it's a win-win situation, McGregor gets to increase his fan base, get his name out there and make the most money he has made so far, His career is still on the uptake and so he is looking at a lucrative fighting future.