Real Madrid dominate Atletico to a 3-0 win

On the first semi-final leg of the Uefa Champions League, the reigning champions Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 3-0. On Tuesday evenings match the Real Madrid side had dominated the Atletico Madrid side not only with the goals but also in the ball possession and shots on goal.

With the first goal coming from a header in the 10th minute by Christiano Ronaldo in a goal that some consider shouldn't have gotten counted as he was offside, but Rio Ferdinand a former professional footballer and defender for Manchester United said that CR7 was not offside.

He said in fact that the trick he used had been frequently been used by another legend Ruud van Nistelrooy, and that the goal is a legitimate goal. The next goals came in the second half on the 73rd and the 86th minute respectively, all being scored by hat-trick scorer Christiano Ronaldo; making the total of his hat-tricks to 42 and his goal tally this season in relation to appearances is 10 in 11 champion league matches.

The Real Madrid team was playing really beautiful football with the players in tune with each other and reading each other's movements and anticipating passes. With Luca Modric, Toni Cruz, Isco, Karim Benzema and Christiano Ronaldo working together so seamlessly at the front to demotivate the Atletico Madrid players, and get the upper hand, this enabled them to create a lot of chances for themselves.

Getting a result like this is not a small feat as Atletico Madrid are a really strong team, and although they will get a chance next Wednesday to show their strength, it will be far from easy, as they need at least 4 goals to win. Maybe Atletico Manager Diego Simeone might have a card under his sleeve, we'll get to see next week, and It looks like it will be a great game to watch.

Hats off to all the Real Madrid players for the win, who under the watchful eyes of legend manager Zinedine Zidane provided one of the best games I personally have seen this season.

What makes a star, talent or work ethic?

Now, this can be a contentious topic, as some will say pure talent is better than hard work and dedication.

Depending on the level of talent this might be true. But then again if equally talented people train equally hard will their results be the same? If so what if one of the equally talented people worked a little harder than his partner? And what if one works a lot harder than his partner? Will there be a great difference in performance varying with the degree of hard work done?

Well, I'll use two people who everyone knows are both talented and get results. Some make them have a rivalry but I wouldn't be shocked if they aren't really rivals but are actually friends. One thing is for certain; they are both superstars, Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Both of these players, in my opinion, are highly talented players, and another thing they have in common is they both also work extra hard.

That's right, even with all the talent they have they also put in a lot of work to get the results they want.

Here's a little bit of history to help put things in focus. At age 9 Lionel Messi was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), Barcelona took him in and paid for his treatment. Coach Pep Guardiola helped mould him by giving him the advice on the right diet habits, sleep habits and getting physiotherapist Juanjo Brau to keep a close eye on Messi and train him 45 minutes before every team training and 30 minutes after training, Pep also advised him to conserve his energy for short bursts during the game.

On Christiano Ronaldo's side, his work ethic is famous, with some even going as far as saying he has the work ethic and Messi the talent.

Moving on, Christiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart when he was 15 and that would have hindered him from playing professional football. He caught the eye of Sir Alex Fergusson in 2003 and he helped mould him and after signing him gave him the legendary number 7 jersey worn by stars Eric Cantona, George Best and David Beckham instead of proposed number 28. There are stories that after practice CR7 would go back to the pitch with weights on his ankles to work on his game. He is said to have been doing this since he was a child. Now I would like to conclude that talent is great! What makes that talent turn into legendary status though is responsibility, hard work, humility, teamwork, dedication and believing you're the best, and having the right mind frame.

As Alexi Sanchez said, Leonel Messi goes onto the pitch in every game saying he is the best and he'll prove it. So to me, that's what makes the secret legend recipe and yes anyone can be one.

I admire and respect both players and I salute them and all other legends out there. #realmadrid #athleticomadrid #christianoronaldo #messi