Tut Tut Tut

Zlatan Ibrahimović may have earned the respect of any MMA fighter on the planet after the 1-1 draw against Bournemouth with an Ong Bak style elbow to the head on an unaware Tyrone Mings.

However, he might have just cost his team the chance at some extra silverware and any chance of a top 4 finish. The match was reviewed after its completion due to the violent nature of some of the challenges, Zlatan and Tyrone were both charged with a Football Association Charge of Violent Conduct and Ibra chose to accept the charges.

Tryone, however, has chosen to appeal.

The incidents were initially missed by the refs but both were caught on video and therefore lead to the claims and charges.

He had initially stated that Tyrone had simply jumped into his elbow. Come on Zlatan... no one was going to believe that, look at the picture for goodness sake. It looks more like a WWE finishing move than an accident, you can even see the strain on his face as he musters as much force as he can for the Muay Thai elbow.

It seems as though he realised how ridiculous his claim was however and accepted that he had intent behind the hit.

He will miss 3 games for his deplorable actions, which includes the FA Cup quarter-final against the best team in the league this year Chelsea and, 2 premier league matches that would definitely be winnable with their top goal scorer.

Zlatan is the Red Beacon of hope, what happens when he's gone?

Manchester United have hardly been the scariest team in the league, whilst being by far the most expensive they have not managed to turn the paychecks into profit.

They have won the Community shield and the League Cup however that level of silverware is beneath the club that could be considered the most revered in England.

The Premier league was completely out of reach a long time ago, however, the FA cup would have been a nice addition to the season.

However Manchester United have become very dependent on the Swedish Superman. Who will fill his place whilst he is gone?

The team goes into their match against Chelsea and I cannot for the life of me think who will be the goal scorer for the club, who will become the go-to goal scorer if United really need a goal.

Manchester United are also only 1 point behind Arsenal and 3 points behind 4th place Liverpool, but they may struggle immensely without him, as a Man Utd fan I am extremely worried.

Zlatan seems unsure whether his future involves the Red Devils, but after this, he might owe the team one more season. Just saying Mr Ibrahimović.

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