Will Wenger leave at the end of the season?

Growing unrest at Arsenal has led to speculation that this could be the last year for Arsene Wenger at the Emirates stadium. Arsenal was demolished 5-1 yet again by bayern munich and even with Theo Walcott putting the Gunners ahead, Munich showed their class and dominated the second half.

Wenger has led Arsenal to three Premier League titles and six FA cups but fans have become impatient with the philosophy of his football and the lack of European silverware that has eluded the Frenchman.

Since 1996, Wenger has been a strong figure at Arsenal but in recent months it looks like players have become frustrated with his style of football and lack of ambition.

Wenger's body language and control of the squad looked to have withered and it would be understandable if he decided to leave the team after 21 years at the helm.

What can Arsenal achieve from the rest of season?

Bayern Munich dispatched Arsenal from the Champions League, but the Gunners can still finish in the top four and with Lincoln City their next opponent in the FA cup. A trophy will be possible but whether this will keep Wenger in a job time will tell.

Sitting in fifth in the Premier League, top four is a priority but with Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham all vying for a top four place it will be tough for a team low on confidence.

A seventh FA Cup could be achieved but fans are still looking for European silverware but can that be achieved without Wenger.

Who could replace Wenger?

If Arsene Wenger decided to leave Arsenal, speculation will arise on who could replace the Frenchman. A foreign manager could suit the style of philosophy played by Arsenal but could a British manager bring a new spark the North London club need.

A British manager could bring a different style of football and hopefully some European silverware that Arsenal fans have been desperate for. Names will begin to spring up if Wenger decides to leave but until that time, Wenger needs to receive the respect that he deserves from turning this team around into a European force.