Kevin Durant. The 6 foot 10 superstar, with a handle like a point guard, a shot like the most potent shooting guard. The man is virtually un-guardable and the 4 scoring titles is a testament to that fact. He took his team to an NBA finals at age 23 although he did have a man by the name of Russell Westbrook and a very underused James Harden.

He has god given ability and all the skills needed to be classed as one of the best players in the world. He would probably, in fact, be the best player in the NBA if it wasn't for one man, LeBron James. He has altered many a top 10 player's legacy.

But Kevin Durant has suffered the most potentially due to this. His team in 2011 was absolutely bullied from Game 2 onwards, losing 4-1 in the finals...

LeBron has asserted his dominance

From 2011 to the present day LeBron has proceeded to win three championships after going to the finals seven straight times. Kevin Durant had not made it to the finals since LeBron's Miami Heat destroyed his team. Kevin Durant did win an MVP but ultimately has not defeated the demons he faces.

LeBron James Awards in Career (14 Seasons)

4 MVP's - 3 Finals MVP's - 1 Scoring Champion - 11 NBA 1st Teams - 5 NBA 1st Defensive Team - Rookie of the Year

Kevin Durant Awards in Career (10 Seasons)

1 MVP - 4 Scoring Champion - 5 NBA 1st Teams - Rookie of the Year

You can see the difference.

They are both incredibly elite but LeBron is clearly, currently a better Basketball Player. Players like these are measured by what happens in the Playoffs and once again it is pretty close.

LeBron James Statistics in Playoff Career (12 Playoff Seasons)

28.3 Points Per Game - 8.8 Rebounds Per Game - 6.8 Assists Per Game - 1.8 Steals Per Game - 1.0 Blocks Per Game

Kevin Durant Statistics in Playoff Career (7 Playoff Seasons)

28.4 Points Per Game - 8.0 Rebounds Per Game - 3.7 Assists Per Game - 1.0 Steals Per Game - 1.2 Blocks Per Game

Close but no cigar

In terms of playoff stats it does seem very close, LeBron is definitely the more complete player, but if you had no idea how their careers had gone and saw this you might think they have a few championships between them.

However, no matter how good Kevin played he always fell short. The fact that LeBron exists means that players like Steph and KD only have one ring combined and this is one of the main reasons that the two decided to team up and create one of the most powerful teams in NBA existence. This has meant that LeBron and his Cavaliers, whilst defending champs are actually underdogs in these finals.

Funnily enough, LBJ and KD are actually friends, they have been seen hanging out and training together. But surely KD must have at least some animosity towards the King at this current moment.

What will it take?

LeBron has mostly come up huge when the odds are against him, he appears to play much better when the other team is better than his. Kevin Durant hasn't proven much to be honest, whether the team is great or not and has mainly been a playoff disappointment.

This year, however, it would take a herculean effort for LBJ to hang onto his championship. However, if there is one Demi-God in the league, at least stat-wise it's him.

These are the best playoff averages LeBron per year.

Points Per Game: 35.3.

He did this way back in 2009, he lead his team to an 8-0 start, the only team to manage this since the Miami Heat (who were the first team) but was defeated in the Eastern Conference Finals by the Orlando Magic lead by Dwight.

Assists Per Game: 8.5. This was in 2015, it is amazing how well he can adapt his game to the people around him. In the 2015 finals his second best player was Matthew Dellavedova, whilst LeBron lost this finals he managed to push the Warriors to 6 games and outplayed every player in the series.

Rebounds Per Game: 11.3. This was also in 2015, basically in this finals he put the team on his back!

Steals Per Game: 2.3. Yeah... any Basketball fan will remember this finals. In 2016 LBJ lead in every single statistical category, which somehow doesn't get enough recognition, he was a beast on every part of the floor, and clamped up multiple players when necessary, his tenacity in passing lanes was amazing.

Blocks Per Game: 1.8. His highest playoff average in Blocks came in 2010, the Cavs were bounced out of the playoffs in just the second round, to the battle hardened Boston Celtics, but this was during LeBrons most athletic years and potentially his best defensive efforts, and it shows! As a chase down artist he ruined many a fast break.

Honestly it may take a statline similar to his best playoff averages for him to repeat and claim finals MVP. But just for perspective -- Kevin Durant does not have a single average better than LeBrons when he is at his best.

Kevin Durants Best Year for Playoff Averages

PPG: 30.8 in 2013

APG: 6.3 in 2013

RPG: 9.0 in 2013

SPG: 1.5 in 2012

BPG: 1.3 in 2010

So that is the difference -- Kevin Durant has crazy stats but has come up small multiple times in the playoffs. Maybe the gap will close this Finals and maybe Durant will finally be closer to this era's MJ. On the other hand LeBron may get closer to the GOAT of all eras.