Come on man...

Ok I have to say early, the Cavs definitely had this coming.They had created one of the strongest teams of all time, and the best team in the league. Along with the best player! They had acquired a shooter that will go down as a top 10 3 point shooter NBA history. A back up Point Guard who once upon a time could have become the best PG in the league and a top 5 pick in his draft class, another top 5 pick within their draft class who stands at 6 foot 6, by the way they both have the nickname D will. As well as a starting centre for a team who won the title 2 year prior.

Not to mention they have best player in the world, one of the best point guards in the world and potentially the most clutch player in the league. As well as a crazy unit of other players who are very good and, they play perfectly into the strengths of their team, and their best player.

Does this sound unfair yet? Well the Basketball Gods seemed to think so because it seems that there is a way for the Cavs to be defeated.

Miami must feel the disrespect

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving did not play in the first of their two matches, this meant that a full power Miami team went up against the Cavs second unit. As I just showed on paper the Cavs might still have had a better roster even with the bench unit playing.

The Heat must have felt disrespected because they did not even offer the Cavs a chance.

LeBron appears to be taking revenge on the Heat organisation by sitting out for most of their games however they made them pay, I think it is a little petty because although he and Pat Riley have an issue with each other the fans love him and want to watch him play but whatever, back to the game.

It was equal at the end of the first quarter and was a high scoring affair at 35 apiece. Dion Waiters did not play well in this game which is surprising, because he definitely felt disrespected by the Cavaliers for trading him before he even could find his feet with the new players.

But Hassan Whiteside came to play! 20 points and 13 rebounds is no small feat, Tyler Johnson and Dragic also played well combining for 40 points 7 assists and 8 rebounds, Dragic took the game high.

Channing Fyre appeared to enjoy being higher on the scoring option list and he finished with 21 points but honestly this team just looks lost without their three star players. The Heat made sure to blow out the Cavs and almost won by 30.

How to get fired on your first day!

The Cavs decided that revenge was in order, in this rematch they put forth their best current roster, LeBron and Kyrie both played in this game. They both played very well combining for 62 points. James also had 17 rebounds and played 38 minutes, however as a team they could not stop turnovers and finished the game with more turnovers(17) than assists(15).

Miami had 23 assists and only 7 turnovers, Hassan had another double double and it seems as though Waiters wanted to make sure LeBron was on the court when he showed his talent, scoring 29 points!

Wayne Ellington should get an honourable mention as well as Dragic, who has definitely showed that he was not the bust he appeared to be last year.

Miami defeated the Cavs this time even with their stars and that probably served LeBron right. However the Basketball gods decided to laugh at the Cavs and their Mega Super team twice. Andrew Bogut played in his first match this game, a very serviceable big man who would be a great acquisition for the team and pretty much solidify their status as favourites in the league.

He was playing defence against the Heat, probably making sure to impress his new management and team mates, but he just appeared to commit a lunge with too little care and just messed up his leg in a big way fracturing his left tibia.

This is tragic for the player of course but I cannot help but laugh a little.

The season just continues to get more and more interesting. With Bogut out probably for the season will he keep his job?

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