Its not all gloom and doom

Lets be fair to the man, Arsene Wenger has commanded respect and hard work from his teams since he got to Arsenal. He has won them multiple league titles, 6 FA cups and 6 community shields. He also managed to lead a team that didn't lose a single match and his team hasn't been out of the top 4 since the 1996/97 season. Arsene might be overshadowed by his biggest rival Sir Alex Ferguson, however he is certainly one of the best coaches of this generation, especially for English Football, and his team have always seemed to love him, even throughout all of the disappointment.

All in the past?

Arsene isn't without fault, if I am totally honest he has an abundance of faults and they are easily highlighted. His team who is always in contention, haven't won the Champions League once under his management. They also haven't won the League since the 2003/04 season, this means that they are always close but somehow there is no cigar.

Its not down to a lack of talent, from Theirry Henry to Alexis Sanchez, to Mesut Ozil to Robin Van Persie. Those are only a small few examples, Arsenal have had some of the best players to ever play in the Prem. Yet they still are unable get over the hump anymore.

So much pain in an Gunners heart

This club won 9 trophies before 2004 under Wenger's management and only 5 since then.

They have suffered some of the most embarrassing defeats in the Premiership of all time, including an 8-2 slaughter by the hands of their biggest thorn until recently, Manchester United, and a 6-0 butchering at the hands of Chelsea. As well as a 4-0 deficit after only 19 minutes played against Liverpool that ended mercifully in a 5-1 loss.

And lets not even talk about the Champions League, from a 3-2 loss to Olympiakos thanks to a foolish decision not to play Petr Cech. As well as a 3-1 loss to a mediocre at best Monaco side that knocked them out of the last 16. It seems like every year the Gunners will find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Sadly it normally begins and ends with the very questionable at times decision making of Arsene.

The newest chapter of unfortunate events

I think all Arsenal fans have little hope for the remainder of this season. 4th place again, 10 points behind the leaders Chelsea and no game in hand, yeah its pretty much a forgone conclusion that their title race is over. So fans looked over to the Champions League, this had been a extremely elusive title for Arsenal and the fans must be craving it almost as much as the Premiership title.

They had a chance, Bayern are certainly not the same team that brought terror to the Champions League in 2013. They are aging rapidly and their best players are all in the latter stages of their careers, from defence to attack they certainly could do with a drink from the fountain of youth.

Alexis Sanchez was once again their only glimmer of hope and it was of course thanks to him the game was equalised in the first half. However, Arsenal let in 3 goals in ten minutes in the second half and that ended any hopes of a win.

Once again it was down to Arsene's flat out foolishness at times that the score ended as it did, any normal manager would have just hunkered down and played defensive, allowing a chance for a comeback in game two, but of course this did not happen and now it is almost a guaranteed loss for the Gunners... again.

Bayern did all of this with the aging Robben and Xabi Alonso, the retiring Lahm, Muller on the bench and the injured Ribery and Boateng. If Arsenal had won overall against Bayern.

They would have had a chance at the Champions League trophy due to Barcelona being soundly trounced 4-0 to PSG. That didn't happen and it seems like this season will be another failure.

Some of the quotes from Wenger after the match included "It a shock" and "a nightmare for us." And he truly looked depressed. However he still is adamant on his calling "I will manage next season, whether it is at Arsenal or somewhere else", the question is should he?