Jose Mourinho was known as the chosen one, the one who would restore Manchester United to former glory. As we all know it has not gone down that way, and with only 16 games left in the season, it is pretty much a given that United will not be winning the title.

In fact, they will be lucky if they make it to the Champions League. It isn't like they haven't opened the almost unlimited bank account of the United owners, with signings like Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović it was expected to be a fantastic season for arguably the greatest Football club in the UK.

The Bad News

Jose has finally opened up to the media and expressed his annoyance at this season. A quote from him went as such;

"There are no miracles in football," Mourinho said. "When a team is in trouble for two, three, four years, it's for some reason."

"When a team win titles, and in recent years (don't) win titles, it's for some reason."

Mourinho added: "Some people get more difficult jobs than others, I got the biggest job in the country, one of the biggest jobs in the world"

"(It is) a job I can imagine everyone would like to have, but I got a difficult one."

Uh oh, was Mourinho taking a couple shots at the management of Man United, or was he just highlighting the fact that the aura of invincibility that was once a very powerful force at Old Trafford has pretty much dissipated?

If the chosen one is having doubts about the team then this is very troubling for united fans, myself included. I do however feel as though he can't complain, his team is pretty new and will improve with time (hopefully).

If it isn't enough that Mourinho is having a tough time staying positive in the house that Fergie built, the Manchester United Capitan, Wayne Rooney could be making the long plane journey to China to play out the rest of his football career.

His wife Coleen Rooney has in fact given her husband consent, although she intends to stay in the UK whilst he plays abroad.

Whilst Rooney has not been the striker he used to be, he is a staple of the United dressing room, and has matured into a great leader. Inspiring the love and respect of his teammates, even the infamous Zlatan holding high praise for him, as well as the greatest player of our generation Lionel Messi.

This could be a good thing for United as they seem to be a much slower team due to some of the age of their players and the lack of pace but who would take over the leadership role? We shall see

The Good News

For the optimists who are a part of the United fan base, there is good news to be had. Man U are actually only 6 points from 2nd place, which means that their chances of making it in the top four by the end of the season are high provided they can be consistent, which has been an issue this year.

Zlatan has also been a massive force for the club, with 14 goals this season. He is third in the current standings, the 35-year-old has found his feet this season and seems to be gelling well with the team.

He may, in fact, be the reason that United are only 6 points from the second spot.

Manchester United has also been doing well in the FA cup once again, they were the winners of last years final and are on pace to be in the finals once again. They defeated Wigan convincingly 4-0 in yesterday's match up, this means that although they are not likely to win the title they at least may have some silverware by the end of the season.

Better luck next year?

United have had their ups and downs this season, and even with some of the additions to the squad have definitely had a turbulent time this year. However provided that Jose stays positive and doesn't decide to leave, next season could be the comeback year for the Red Devils, sadly this year seems like it is a forgone conclusion that Chelsea will win the league. Sorry Arsenal fans I just don't believe in your squad anymore.