This was one of the best matches in the Eastern Conference this year, without a doubt. The Wizards, who started out 2 and 8 in the season, played some ridiculous basketball in the games before this one. They are led by the 2010 1st draft pick John Wall, and coming into this game they were 3rd in the East. The Cavs need no introduction, defending champions with the best player in the league, go into Washington.

The Wizards with some front court magic

The match begun at a break neck pace, LeBron did what he does best, orchestrating the offense leading to an early three for K Love, and then taking matters into his own hands and dunking the ball all over the Wizards, he still has plenty of lift in those legs.

However it was Bradley Beal and John Wall who really shone in the first quarter, scoring Washington's first 8 baskets and applying the pressure so the Cavs couldn't slip away from them, John Wall showed his athleticism with a punctuating dunk in the half court setting. Otto Porter also had a good start and ended the first quarter with 8 points.

The Cavs who started the game well found themselves down by 6 points, it went downhill once LeBron was subbed out, he is the teams floor general after all.

It really could go either way

The second quarter was as competitive as the first, the king definitely turned up the intensity in the 2nd and was serving up his team mates like a world class waiter. He also used his brute strength to drive to the basket again and again, and had a double double at the half.

Kevin Love who started hot cooled down a little but still ended with 12 points.

But the Wizards refused to give up the lead they had built, lead by Beal once again who had a game high 16, and Otto Porter continued to leave his mark on the game with 13 points. The backcourt of the Wizards combined for 10 assists, and they lead their team to a 3 point lead at the half.

Kevin has no Love for the Wizards

Bradley Beal seemed determined to break his teams franchise home win streak, and rained down threes to start the 3rd . However the champs refused to be deterred. Tristian Thompson made sure to own the offensive glass, for put backs and for lobs from Kyrie and had 19 points 8 rebounds going into the 4th.

K love took shots from everywhere on the court having a game high 27 points! and LBJ just dished out more and more assists, whilst still scoring his customary 20ish points. The Wizards refused to die however it seemed as though the experience of the Cavs began to over power the Wizards. Even with Beal's 26 points and some fancy footwork to drop Iman Shumpert for his last points of the quarter.

12 Minutes of Absolute Madness

An 8-0 run tied this game up very quickly, the Wizards came into the 4th firing and of course Beal was the head of this attack. However thanks to team work of the three point sniper, Fyre and Korver tied and took the lead back for the Cavs. Love kept up his assault on the Wizards and potentially silenced the haters who want Melo rather than him.

The Wizards took the game back with 4 minutes left and held it, until LeBron decided to turn into Steph Curry and pull up from three again and again, he hit three in a row.

Beal tied the game with a clutch three with less than a minute remaining. LeBron had a chance to ice the game but unbelievably missed a game winning layup after a ten step travel. It seemed like he lost his team the game. However thanks to the touchdown pass of the year from Love, LeBron nailed the turn around fade away three from the corner!!


AKA Kyrie time. LeBron fouled out early and Kyrie Irving who had been cold all game took the game into his own hands once again, slashing and breaking ankles. Beal ended the game with 41 points and continued to fight valiantly, but Kyrie hit shot after shot, then hit the clutch three from the same spot as the last 20 clutch threes he's hit in crunch time. K Love ended with 39 and Kyrie scored 11 in OT, LBJ had a career high 17 assists and 32 points.. what a match!