Whenever these team play you can expect aggression and intensity. There is no basketball fan alive who doesn't know the history that Westbrook and KD shared. They almost won the title against the Miami Heat when they were a tandem in 2011, but ran into the King LeBron James, and helped him capture his first ring by losing 4 in a row after winning game 1 of the finals. They also almost beat the defending champs last year, but they actually started the 3-1 lead theme and lost 3 games in a row, notice a trend? The team that was assembled around them was pretty amazing as teams go, Serge Ibaka and James Harden being a few of the more memorable members.

Who's the man?

So even with three MVP candidates and a talented supporting cast the Thunder could never quite get it done. When the best two players can't decide who the man is it leads to problems, as we all found out, it can lead to a lot of 4th quarter disasters, and in big games, Russell and Kevin came up small preventing their rise to championship heights. So after years of media scrutiny and near successes, the team completely disbanded, and Kevin Durant went to the team that beat them in the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors , much to the dismay of most of the NBA and its fan base. Kevin Durant seems to have fit into his new team very nicely, in fact he has improved in every stat barring points and free throws, and to be fair to him 26.2 points per game, is definitely not the stats of someone slacking off.

Russell on the other hand seems to love his new role as the man in OKC. He has responded to the challenge by averaging no less than a triple double at half way through the season, and arguably leading the MVP race this year. Westbrook appeared to be hurt by the fact that his teammate and friend left him high and dry for a slightly better team, however he seems determined to prove that his team does not need KD.

So that is the narrative of the game today, who is the man in this scenario?

Four on one is not fair, or is it?

The Thunder had no Steven Adams for this game due to concussion however the game started out fairly even. The Warriors jumped to an early lead thanks to some Steph Curry marksmanship. However thanks to Durant's early foul trouble, the Thunder got right back into things, and took a three point lead, however momentum stopping fouls from Jerami Grant meant that after a Zaza and one, the Warriors were soon back in the lead.

This game was back and forth, after another run, this time by OKC the lead was back in their hands, Russell Westbrook was triple double chasing and had 7 points with 5 assists in the first quarter, it seems as though 4 Allstars (5 with Pachuila... lets not) doesn't guarantee a blowout for GSW and OKC lead by a point.

Turnovers plagued both teams for a point, although OKC got the best of their exchanges, and Kanter continued his excellent play, did I not mention he had 10 points in the first? The lead was still with OKC until Durant decided to take matters in his own hands, and reclaimed the lead with some brilliant shooting and passing. The score therefore reflected the game very fairly and at half time both teams were tied.

Zaza may have made a long term enemy of Westbrook after a very rough foul.

Where's your head at?

Russell Westbrook is the only reason OKC is ever in contention with the best teams, however it was his lapse of concentration that ruined all the momentum. He for reasons unknown to us mere mortals decided to walk 5 steps up the court before dribbling, and the poor referees had no choice but to call the violation. The Warriors made them pay after that, and although the resolve of the Thunders captain never faltered, highlighted by some of his explosive dunks through traffic. The lead after that turnover was never in doubt. Kevin Durant finished with a dominant 40 points and Russell Westbrook got a Quadruple Double, sadly one of his double digit stats were his turnovers. Durant definitely got the better of his old team this time.