The season of 2017 made its first steps having Murray and Djokovic as the leading stars, but out there, 2 guys, apparently living in the shadow, didn`t agree on the current situation in the ATP circuit. Making their comeback following some harsh injuries, both Federer and Nadal stunned everyone with their level of commitment in the past 2 weeks. A vintage display of Tennis at Melbourne Park from these extraordinary athletes suddenly brought back to life some distant memories of a seemingly long gone era. To have Federer vs Nadal on a Grand Slam final is like the science has discovered a time travelling machine over night.

Federer and Nadal survived to some gruelling matches

To get into the final of the Australian Open, both had to survive to some thrilling encounters. In his way to the final, Federer had to beat 3 top 10 players, namely Tomas Berdych (10 ATP), Kei Nishikori (5 ATP) and Stan Wawrinka (4 ATP). With the last 2 of them, the Swiss champion fought until the end as 5 sets were required for him to claim the victory.

The other finalist, Rafael Nadal, also went through some gruelling encounters with high-skilled players. Nor Gael Monfils (6 ATP), Milos Raonic (3 ATP) or Grigor Dimitrov (15 ATP) were able to stop the Spaniard from getting in the final act in Melbourne. Among all of the opponents, Grigor Dimitrov was closest to end Nadal's bid but he failed to resist in the 5th sets of the semifinal.

A legendary rivalry between two close friends

Federer and Nadal have quite an impressive shared history. Whether it was clay, grass or hardcourt, when they competed against each other it was something to enjoy and ultimately to cherish. A spectacular rivalry as the one in question produced some memorable matches especially when it was about a Grand Slam final.

Overall, Nadal tops Federer having a 23 to 11 lead. For the Spaniard, might be the 2nd title at the Australian Open after 2009 success and the 15th of his career.

Federer will have the opportunity to cease his 6th title in Melbourne. His last success at the Rod Laver Arena occurred back in 2010.

Judging their last year or so, to have them both on a Grand Slam final is truly amazing.

It gives a sample of how a genuine athlete should behave during a competition: grace and ruthlessness combined in a perfect harmony.

Along the years, their rivalry on the tennis court became an emblematic part of the Open Era. They have a huge dose of respect for each other, and when they are not on the tennis court they share a genuine friendship.

Now, Melbourne and the whole world is about to see a representation of what tennis is really about: a noble sport for noble people.