Who would have thought that I'd be sitting here, preparing for an epic battle between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal? Both players have battled injury in the past year and very few believed they would get this far. The Swiss maestro told us after his semi-final win, that even he did not believe he would get this far. Could this be a repeat of the 2008 Wimbledon final?

For those who don't know, Roger missed the last 6 months due to an injury to his knee. The unfortunate event happened in the bathroom while looking after his twins, where his knee clicked and it must have been one of the most disappointing times for him.

Known for his graceful playing, he has received very few serious injury in his career, he missed the Olympic Games, possibly the last one he could play in, and he launched his career at the Australian Open.

Meanwhile, Nadal has also been battling with injuries. He has to withdraw from the French Open last year after his wrist injuries became severe. Like Federer, Nadal would have gone through an emotional torment, but he also has bounced back.

For giddy Tennis fans, like myself, this final will be one like no other. The rivalry between these 2 champions is ferocious and they played, arguably, the best match of all time at Wimbledon in 2008. These 2 members, from the ferocious 4, haven't played for years, but historically, Nadal has the lead.

At the Australian Open, the pair have played each other 3 times but Nadal has always come on top. However, nothing can be taken for granted. These matches were played years ago, and Federer seems to be playing some of the best tennis he has played in a long time. As he rolls back the years, tomorrow's showdown will be close.

Personally, I know this match will be close, but 35 years old Federer has the extra sparkle for me. Feel free to post your views below.

For those in the United Kingdom, the match shall commence at approximately 08:00 GMT and shall be broadcast live on Eurosport. You can also follow the match on BBC Sport where live updates shall commence once the game has begun.