Derby day in the city of Liverpool - one of the most famous classics. Blues against the reds and the last game of the 17th round. The Goodison Park, Everton stadium, was filled and Liverpool's fans who took a poster celebrating 21 years without title of the adversary. Joking apart, the day was promising a great game. Well, it wasn't exactly like that. The game seemed not to have started until half of the first half. Both teams were not on top pitch but Everton attacked harder. The Reds midfield again showed weakness and it seemed Coutinho is more lacking than many imagine.

There is no owner to pull the team and more energy was needed byFirmino who missed two goals 'inside' the area. The first half ended with a draw and both coaches had nervous faces.

Nervous second half

The second half began and everything seemed better for both sides but mainly for Liverpool. The team began to attack more and to scare the goalkeeper of Everton, who was replaced after a ball dived between him and two players. It got busier with the ball and also, busier in body attacks. The second half brought Mané dropped due to a push as well as Henderson. Besides that there were no red cards, only one yellow to Lovren, Liverpool player.

The clear substitution

When the game seemed decided, many fans left the stadium before the end, Klopp made the right substitution: Daniel Sturridge.

The player who was injured and has not got a good sequence of games came to set the fire to the game. In the extra time, (8 minutes,) Sturridge faced the defense of the adversary and kicked at goal. The ball hit the crossbar, but Mané was attentive and took advantage of the rebound and put the ball inside the net! Liverpool 1x0 in an ugly but exciting match.

Goodison Park was taken over by the voices of Reds fans singing the famous 'You will never walk alone.' Meanwhile, Everton fans could only regret.


Everton has not lost at home since March and that was broken by their biggest rival. With this victory and Arsenal's defeat, Liverpool took the vice leadership back closer to leader Chelsea, who won again with a goal from Diego Costa last Saturday.