There was no mercy in the field of Liverpool Vs Watford Game. Last Sunday, Liverpool beated Watford, at home, and drove the fans to madness! Mane opened the scoring after 27 min of first-half, followed by Coutinho that has extended on 30 min. After that moment there would be no doubt about Reds victory. The fans in the traditional Anfield were before a 'Football show' and not just a football game. Four more goals were about to come- Firmino, Mane again; Can and Wijnaldum- this one in the final additions. Watford, who seemed not to see the ball in the field, managed to score in the second half of their honor goal.

But the massacre was done: 6x1 Reds in a sensational match and the leadership of Premier League.

The Klopp Era

For the first time, after 30 months, the Reds take the leadership and nourish the hope of a new title. A name for this phase: Jurgen Klopp the guy who could rekindle the sparkle in the eyes of those who seemed unmotivated. Reactivated a team that in less than two seasons, lost players like: Luiz Suarez, Steven G, Sterling and Johnson. More than that: lost the joy. Liverpool were lacking a leader and a friend. But one thing was always right. Give up? Never! This is a word that the team of the Beatles' city unknown. Fight like a lion but ever fall. So it is Liverpool and Klopp took advantage of it.

Surrounded by young players, he just needed to trigger the correct button. He brought the fans even closer to him and to the team and he received trust since the beginning. He plays together, he celebrate together and its easy to notice that his heart, its there. Its in Anfield. He is more than a technician, he is part of the family.

A new look at Anfield

Daring, Klopp made new bets- as Firmino and Mane- and made Coutinho your main man, placing him under the greatest looks from all over the world. He created new tactics on the team and brought to the fans, not only Liverpool but general football fans as well, the pleasure of attending a game of the Reds.

Whether in the stadium or through television, you can see that there is a unity and a new look. There is the pleasure of playing football. And to win. And to be good.

Jurgen Klopp lit a flame on Reds group and the players have fed it, each week, really well. Anfield is on fire to the delight of his fans, Liverpool city and to the disputed Premier League.