Earlier this year, the name China Everbright appeared in newspapers across the country, with rumours circulating that the Hong Kong based company were lining up a bid to takeover Liverpool. Speculation eventually died down with Fenway Sports Group assuring fans that they had no plans to sell the club. However, FSG's desire to remain in charge of Liverpool comes under question once again as Talksport reporter Ian Abrahams made a sensational claim regarding the move. With John Henry quick to respond to the reporter's claims.

By the end of the week

Abrahams took to his official Twitter to deliver an exclusive which had the world of Football talking.

"My sources are telling me tonight, the @lfc takeover is expected to be completed before Christmas & possibly by the end of this week."

If Abrahams is to be believed, then Liverpool would be under new ownership before their visit to Goodison Park for the Merseyside derby on Monday night. However given the lack of media attention assigned to the rumours it is unlikely that any move to buy Liverpool from FSG will take place any time soon. Given the immense media attention when FSG sought to buy the club from Hicks and Gillett back in 2010.

Henry responds

John Henry has been known in the past to also take to his Twitter to respond to situations involving the club, most notably to Arsenal's bid to sign Luis Suarez three years ago.

The American businessman is back to his old tricks, responding to Abrahams claims just 21 hours after he tweeted his supposed revelation.

"@BroadcastMoose @LFC Good that your sources will be debunked so soon. Usually it takes a long time!"

It is good to see Henry responding so quickly to a claim suggesting that he plans to cut ties with Liverpool, easing any concerns from the fans.

For many, it never seemed likely that FSG would sell the club given their decision to tie down Jurgen Klopp to a six-year deal earlier in the year. Both the ownership and management share the same vision of signing young promising players and developing them into world class talent. With the German seen as more ideal to fulfil their desires following his success at Borussia Dortmund and former manager Brendan Rodgers only developing Philippe Coutinho from a young age during his time at the club. With ambitions to win the Premier League title in the upcoming seasons, it is clear that rumours like Abrahams shouldn't be taken seriously, with FSG not willing to walkaway from football just yet.