Eyes were on Syria on the weekend as an alleged Chemical Attack left with over 500 locals needing treatment for symptoms of "indicative exposure of a chemical agent" and an estimated 70 people dead. Douma located in the Eastern Ghouta region, known for being a stronghold for Syrian activists was targeted by government air strikes on Saturday and the heart-breaking images of men, women and children alike in the aftermath of the attack.

Russia Warning

U.S. President Donald Trump has hence issued a warning to Syrian allies Russia that they intend to send missiles to the war-torn country in a response to the chemical attack.

Relations between America and Russia have continued to progressively sour during Trump's tenancy and the relationship is seemingly going to lead to action being taken against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It is reported that France and the United Kingdom will back Trump's efforts to take action against the Syrian dictator; but Russian ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin has responded to warn that any missiles fired will be shot down.

BBC sources have seemingly backed this notion by claiming that Theresa May is readying her forces to join Trump's forces in response to the atrocities. Pentagon officials have revealed that should Syrian aircraft elude their forces, they will plan to attack Syrian airfields in an attempt to prevent another air strike involving chemical agents.

What Happened in Douma?

This attack was the second on the Syrian-rebel stronghold of Douma this year, as President al-Assad issued his forces to attack the town which left more than 1,700 civilians dead. The rebels grip on the Eastern Ghouta has been depleting in the past couple of months as the Syrian government has regained control of the surrounding areas of Douma.

The air strikes responsible for the assault resumed their plans on Friday after negotiations with the rebel forces stalled and hence provoked this vicious attack.

As it stands, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are set to deploy to Douma to determine whether the bombs contained any banned substances. There is still yet to be official confirmation whether the attack involved the use of chemical substances but is clear from the leaked footage that has surfaced since Saturday that the victims of the attack are treating it as such. The rebels have since begun an evacuation of the town after reaching an agreement with the Russian government.