Another year is waning and NBA has new stories to deliver to the posterity: probably these twelve months have never been full of emotions until this point between farewells, surprises, challenges. This year, we have been present to a continuous movement of forces that broke the balances in the league, focusing the attention on few topics now more than ever: the past said goodbye to this championship, the present is underlined on the single superstar and the future? Maybe it could move in other points.

The past: Kobe, Duncan and Garnett

This year will be recollected as the year of the great farewells of the players that marked one NBA generation.

First among everyone, there is Kevin Garnett, an example of dynamism, athleticism and team leading never seen in Minneapolis: and this is exactly why now "The Big Ticket" is an idol for Timberwolves, where he showed his defensive skills, his cold blood and his trash talking that made competitor to respect him. Another power forward that revolutioned this game is Tim Duncan: the Spurs legend showed that is not necessary to be a superstar to be considered extraordinary; the silver-black captain demonstrated his will to win with the practical example, humility, sweat, a great teamwork and defense. The result? Five NBA championship and the main role in one of the greatest dynasties in the last twenty years.

Last but not least, we introduce the closest figure to the myth of Michael Jordan in the last two decades: Kobe Bryant left a lasting imprint in the NBA history, not only for his trophies, but for his personality too. The Black Mamba taught to one generation of players to surpass own limits, to be always hungry for victory and never to be satisfied: one obsessive personality able to win everything and more in 19 seasons with Lakers.

Three champions retired, three people twho learned what it means to be great.

The present: Warriors vs Cavs

Now all the attention of NBA fans is focused on the new duel: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers, starring roles in the last two season of the NBA Finals. This year the most splendid version of Lebron James reversed one of the most unbelievable situations: below 3-1 in the series for the title, the Chosen One led Cavs to the triumph with three excellent performances and gave to Cleveland its first basketball trophy.

The defeat at the Finals destroyed the image of the unbeatable magic Warriors, with their superstar Steph Curry, able to break the record in regular season with 73-9 (surpassing Jordan's Bulls in the season '95-'96): so the franchise pushed this summer to acquire the NBA superstar Kevin Durant, building in this way a super team with Curry, Thompson, Green and Steve Kerr as coach to conquer the ring. But there are other teams on the road to the title: Raptors, Pacers and Celtics are the main rivals in the Eastern Conference, meanwhile Spurs, Rockets and Clippers could be irksome contenders in the Western Conference. Who will be the next king of NBA?

The future: Towns, Embiid and more

The future is always indefinable, but some teams have the key players ready to take control of the league: in the Eastern conference, we can notice a big inflow of talents like Kripstaps Porzingis, forward with magic hands for New York Knicks, Joel Embiid, the dynamic center of Philadelphia 76ers, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the all-around "Greek Freak" able to do everything on the court.

In the Western Conference, Minnesota Timberwolves have many young talents like Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, ready to explode in the future and follow the tracks of players like Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.