Football fixture compilers must have had sore hands from patting themselves on the back, after arranging a tantalising World Cup qualifier between the United States and Mexico, just days after a Presidential Election result that many are still trying to process.

Mexicans, in general, have previously been dubbed “Rapists” and “Drug Dealers” by Donald trump. This may well have provided the fuel for a fiery display from inspirational Captain Rafael Marquez, who led a defiant and proud Mexico team, who proceeded to put in a dominant display. A late goal by the captain gave the country and its people some pride back and secured a 2-1 victory over, potentially now friendly rivals.

They often say that solace can be sought from defiant displays.

Pre-game Entertainment

Speaking of which, the biggest talking point came before a ball was even kicked. Solidarity became personified as both sides created a human wall of strength before the game, creating a bracing and heart-warming spectacle. This wall was paid for by human spirit, representing a great response to Trump's pledge to build a wall between the two countries and "make the Mexicans pay for it".

The scene at the start of the game could well become the epitome of the “Love Trumps Hate” campaign that is increasingly gathering the momentum of a runaway freight train. The USA team handled the situation with dignity also and it hopefully sends a message out that there are plenty of positive and creative ways to protect, as fears of riots increase day by day.

This display was a welcome distraction from the easy-to-issue, limelight-hogging rhetoric from Politicians, Celebrities, and Journalists. Tonight that actions of internal footballers spoke so much louder than words. This solidarity inspiring gesture could easily become the image behind the growing "Love Trumps Hate" campaign that's currently gaining the momentum of a runaway freight train.

Well done USA & Mexico football teams, both could claim a moral victory before a ball had even been kicked.