It is fair to say that these are interesting times in international relations. From America to Europe, and from Russia to the Middle East, there are numerous situations that could have major bearings around the globe. As we try to address what the future does hold, it is important to explore the issues that will affect the world itself going forward.

US elections

Where else to start other than in the United States (US). On the 8th November the American electorate will go to vote in the forthcoming presidential elections. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who is elected to become the 45th president of the USA?

With the recent email scandal being investigated against Clinton, it promises to be a tense run in until Election Day. What the outcome will be is unknown but, despite a recent poll showing Trump to be as many as 14 points behind his rival, that may well change over the course of the next seven days. The Daily Telegraph newspaper stated that it is likely that Clinton will have to "fight the final week of her campaign", with the "allegations hanging over her". Whatever the result, the consequences, for good or bad, will be there for all to see. For Clinton it will mean good in that she will become the first American president in history. However, for Trump, the biggest consequence will be bad, mainly due to his the election promises.

Whilst Clinton pledged equal pay and a commitment not to raise taxes, for Trump, it is a whole lot worse. As stated on,in addition to building a wall on the border with Mexico, and having "Mexico pay for that wall", Trump also advocated the temporary banning of Muslims from entering the United States. If Trump is elected, the implications for the global community will be there for all to see.

The EU

Another interesting facet affecting global politics is the future of the European Union (EU). This has been complicated by the recent decision by the British public to leave the EU. The European Union was designed to bring Europe together and ensure greater cooperation between the very same nations that went to war in World War II.

However, a desire to maintain independence, sovereignty and to control its own borders took precedence as Britain voted to leave. However, this could cause further problems. The Armstrong Economics website stated that there is the possibility that the EU may "try to punish Britain" for questioning "their superiority". There may also be changes with regards to intelligence sharing. The EU was designed to be a beacon of hope amidst war and destruction. What will the future hold not only for Great Britain now on its own, but more importantly for the dynamic and shape of Europe as a result?

The Middle East

And finally the Middle East. With war still ranging in Syria, with the emergence of the Islamic State, and the intervention of outside forces, the future for peace seems remote at best.

The impact of the conflict could also be felt in terms of the relations between Russia and the United States; both have intervened and have taken sides as a result. Furthermore there is the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. With the road map stalling, the continuation of the building of settlements and the reluctance of the Israelis to negotiate with Hamas, the future does not look too bright. Despite some progress, it seems that they are currently too far down the rabbit hole to turn it around.

The Future

As was said, these certainly are interesting times. Where will the US be heading if Trump is elected? What does the future hold for Europe as a result of Brexit? And will there be any progress to the current situation in the Middle East?

There are certainly problems afoot on a global scale. Whether it may be elections, united cooperation or the cessation of hostilities, we all must remember the importance of coming together, unitingwith one another and trying our best to secure a peaceful environment for years to come.