Wearing a suit which may have cost more than a mortgage in Chelsea and a bright red cap that could have emerged its way out of a car boot sale, the one man that so many people are thinking about takes the stand.

The villain

He is the villian in his own bubbled pantomime that we all have to listen to whether we like it or not. He is the narcissist that we all love to hate. He is of course Donald J Trump.

With Trumps "hair", skin and lips, all the same colour as watered down baked bean juice, he is someone we can't help but wonder what will happen to this world if he is elected the 44th president of the United States.

What seems to concern literally millions of citizens is that trump is treating this election like a Christmas pantomime. Arguably the hero being Hilary Clinton in this drama, and villain Trump, both battle it out in front of the world each highlighting their mistakes and dark past(s) right in front of viewers at home wondering when the real debate will actually begin.

Trump and clinton have been too focused on slating each other as people rather than showcasing and convincing the nation of what they can bring if they become president. Over the last few weeks, what was once an amusing drama, has grown into an ugly verbal boxing match between the two candidates. America and in fact the world are now concerned.

This significant time in history is inevitably going to change the future of mankind. We can only hope whoever is elected, that their power is used wisely. Does anyone really think is it necessary to build a wall across the border of Mexico that will cost up to 12 BILLION dollars!? This momentous amount of money could be used for so many more vital things.

The prevention of gun crime springs to mind.

"It's freezin' and snowing in New York, we need global warming!" These were the words that left Trumps mouth. Do American's really need to think twice on who to vote for?


"I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." If that isn't enough to run towards the welcoming smile of Hilary Clinton who knows what is!

Some may have thought that Ivanka would be very concerned hearing such a harrowing comment like that; however it appears she thrives on any compliment, even when it comes from her "devoted" father.

There are of course the 31% of Amerians who claim they will not be voting at this election as they don't like or trust either candidates. But surely those people could pick the best of what they have been given. Do the people of America really require a Republican that is Trump ruling the country? For so many across the globe share the same opinion that the Republican party are dated, ignorant and quite frankly, backward. Trump ( worth $3.7B) and his beloved wife Melania obviously just loves him for his cracking personality and sexy good looks.

When we do discover the outcome on November 8th we can only hold on and pray that this colossal change in history does not bring the fears we have been considering.

What can make America great again?

Maybe Barrack Obama wasn't so bad after all.