Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspurs showed up very well this Tuesday (18) night, in the third round of the group stage of the Champions League of Football. The Premiership reigning champions achieved their third victory and are now, amazingly, 5 points ahead of their nearer competitors in Group G, Copenhague and Porto; the qualification for the next stage is very close, already. The Spurs travelled to Germany and kept second place, 1 point behind the leader of Group E. Leicester won 1-0 to Copenhague and Tottenham draw 0-0 at Bayer Leverkusen's.

Leicester: Foxes living in a dream

The supporters of Leicester already woke up from their dream of last season, as they found themselves in 13th place, with 4 defeats in 8 games. However, somehow the "spirit" of the winning season, that took them to the current edition of the "Champions", is living on this way. They are the only team of the four groups that played this Tuesday to achieve 9 points after the first three rounds.

The winning goal was scored by Mahrez 5 minutes before the half-time. Danish keeper Kasper Schmeichel proved to be a strong obstacle to his home country's squad, blocking the equaliser on the final stages of the game. The teams were quite balanced throughout the game, but in spite of the Danes having a little more ball possession (54% against 46%), the Foxes shot once more (10 vs 9).

Tottenham: keeping doors open

The group E is, by now, the most levelheaded of this Champions edition. First and last are separated by only 3 points after the first three rounds, which means that every team can still dream with qualifying or fear to be kicked out from European competitions for the rest of the season. The Spurs were able to control the Germans offensive and brought a clever point from the Leverkusen.

A bit like Man United in Anfield Road, they can thank keeper Lloris for a bunch of great saves.

In the next round, Leicester will travel to Copenhague and Tottenham will receive Bayer Leverkusen, the games scheduled to November 2nd. Meanwhile, this Wednesday, the English big favourites Manchester City and Arsenal will be in action, against Barcelona (perhaps the biggest game of the day) and Ludogorets from Bulgaria. Scottish Celtic will play as well, receiving Borussia Mönchengladbach.