OITNB has proven to everybody that they are one of the main crown jewels for Netflix. For the past six years, they have shown consistency with regards to their ratings and outstanding storytelling. Season 7 will be a lot different, however, as it involves one relationship that is destined to be broken.

The dawn of a new era

For those who haven’t watched season 6 of Orange Is The New Black, you still have time to do it. There were at least three main plots last season that is momentous in the series' history and missing one episode in season 6 will be costly.

First, we have the disintegrating relationship between Alex and Piper, after several trials, Piper has been already freed from the system. However, this is also the start of her character slowly diminishing in the series. Taylor Schilling, who plays the role of Piper, already informed THR about her feelings “saying goodbye” to the series. She was very open about it and considered it a “surreal” moment.

Piper and Alex still have some stories to develop, but Season 7 will be their last. With Piper out of the prison, it means that Alex will go back to her old ways. They did get married with the help of Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) but they are already in a different situation. Their marriage will be fully tested as Alex has still four years sentence to serve.

Fate of the three inmates

Suzanne, Daya and Taystee’s future doesn’t look good. We’ve seen a partial story of their life in their quest for freedom, but luck isn’t in their favour. Suzanne, who is suffering from psychosis is in the brink of losing it. Without her, it means that Daya and Taystee's future is over. Suzanne is the only person alive who can prove that Daya and Taystee are innocent and they are wrongfully accused.

Hopefully, the tides will change for these three unique women and they get what they truly deserve.

Free at last but for how long?

This was a shocker in season 6 when out of nowhere the producer also decided to release two more inmates by the name of Blanca (Laura Gomez) and Sophia (Laverne Cox). However, only one of them is now enjoying her freedom and that is Sophia.

As for Blanca, she was sent to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Gomez, who being an immigrant in real-life share her thoughts about the character. With the political issues that is happening right now in the country, it was easy for her to portray the character. She also mentioned that she is constantly in touch with the writers to further develop Blanca’s disposition.