Despite the fact that Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) lost her husband Derek in season 11, the rumours that she will be finding new love in the upcoming season 15 of "Grey’s Anatomy" have been quashed.

As any single parent knows, it is hard to have a relationship and bring up the kids at the same time, so it seems Grey will be concentrating more on her kids than anything else in the new season. Still, this doesn’t mean Meredith won’t find romance later on down the line.

Romance on Grey’s Anatomy

Showrunner Krister Vernoff has clarified that Meredith will not find love this season but did confirm that she will be part of their upcoming “Season of Love" during season 15.

It just won’t involve our favourite surgeon being hit by cupid’s arrow.

The president of entertainment on ABC, Channing Dungey, has revealed that Meredith’s storyline is set to shift during season 15. Dungey said Ellen’s character will be concentrating on expanding her field in the medical sphere while focusing on bringing up her kids. Meredith will also be shifting her priorities, at least for the upcoming season. Dungey said Pompeo had spoken out strongly about her romantic life in the series, saying she doesn’t want all her character’s adventures to be related to romance.

Celebrity Insider quotes TV Line as reporting that Dungey was referring to comments made by Pompeo earlier in the year, where Ellen criticized ABC for attempting to replace Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr.

Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd. “Grey’s Anatomy” fans will recall Meredith almost getting together with Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) in the previous season, but things didn’t work out for the couple.

Ellen Pompeo receives a list of potential lovers

While Ellen was on vacation in Italy prior to the filming of season 15, she received a list of potential suitors from the producers of the show.

Pompeo said she felt like they were rushing her into another romance, instead of taking her character in a new direction.

Dungey did admit that Meredith will eventually find love on the series, but reportedly this will only happen when the time is right for Ellen’s character. Grey will be concentrating on her burgeoning career as a surgeon and looking after the kids.

While fans were contemplating it, it seems Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) will not become Meredith’s new love interest.

A new character to appear on Grey’s Anatomy

The cast of "Grey’s Anatomy" will be growing during season 15, introducing Will Lexington in the role of Christ Carmack, an orthopedic surgeon best known as the “Ortho God.” Fans may remember Lexington as appearing on the ABC show “Nashville” of which the final season is set to end this month. It is currently unknown whether the character of Carmack will become a regular on the hospital drama show.

Digital Spy reports that the season of “Grey’s Anatomy” will premiere in the US on ABC on September 27, while UK fans will be able to watch the show on Sky Living in the UK.