Patrick Stewart recently made a surprise appearance in Las Vegas at the annual Star Trek convention. While there, Stewart made an announcement that he will be featuring in his former role of Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new “Star Trek” series.

To be aired on CBS All Access, the new series will take up where Picard left off in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – a series which ran from 1987 to 1994 – left off. Across the seven seasons of that series, Steward played the role in 178 episodes.

Jean-Luc Picard in ‘Star Trek’

As noted by the BBC, when he announced the exciting news, Stewart said how proud he was to have been part of the “Star Trek” universe, which also included four films.

The actor added that when they wrapped up the final Film in 2002, he felt his time had run its natural course. It is, therefore, a delightful surprise to Stewart to find he is returning to his role as Picard while exploring new dimensions within the character, just when he thought it was all over.

Stewart’s portrayal of Picard in the “Star Trek” series and films has led to him being put alongside William Shatner’s Captain James T.

Kirk as being the most acclaimed and iconic characters in the series. Once the news hit social media, fans greeted it warmly.

The series will be executive-produced by Alex Kurtzman, who previously worked on the new 2017 show, “Star Trek: Discovery.” Kurtzman said he had received the news himself with “overwhelming joy, adding that it is a privilege to welcome Stewart back into the fold.

He said fans have hoped for more than 20 years that Captain Jean-Luc Picard would return and the day has finally arrived. Kurtzman said his crew cannot wait to surprise fans and honour new and old “Star Trek” generations.

Patrick Stewart and ‘X-Men’

NME notes that Stewart hasn’t exactly been sitting on his laurels since “Star Trek: The Next Generation” came to a close.

He has popularly starred as Professor Charles Xavier in the “X-Men” franchise.

While details about the new show are few at present, it is believed the series will follow Picard’s later life, rather than rebooting “The Next Generation.”

According to Stewart, no scripts have been handed out yet, but they are apparently discussing the story. He did say Picard would be a little different from before. Stewart said he may not be the Picard fans know so well but could be a man altered by his experiences. He stressed that the new show will be something different, but will respect the “Star Trek” universe and its fans.

Stewart was asked if he had seen “Discovery” – the latest franchise series to hit TV – to which he replied that he hadn’t, but would have good cause to have a look at it soon. While it is unknown when the new series will air, “Discovery” will be back on TV in January 2019.