Jerry Maren, of 'Wizard of Oz' passed away on 24th May 2018 due to cardiopulmonary failure in a nursing facility centre. He was the last remaining Munchkin from the 1939 movie which starred Judy Garland, BBC reported. Jerry, whose real name was Gerard Marenghi suffered from dementia during his later years and left acting in 2013. Maren's Film career lasted for an impressive 75 years, during which time he appeared in commercials, TV shows and films. His most famous role of all was in 'The Wizard of Oz.'

Maren is the last of over 100 actors, that played Munchkin's in the film to pass away.

He was 18-years-old when he became a resident of Munchkinland for the 1939 musical hit. The film is not only a well-loved family movie but was also one of Maren's favourite films that he working with. The 'BBC' remembered how he once described it as "The greatest fun I ever had in my life," during a 2009 interview for The Independent.

Jerry in The Lollipop Guild

Maren played an important Munchkin role alongside Harry Earles and Jacob 'Jackie' Gerlich, who were all members of The Lollipop Guild. Upon Dorothy's arrival in Oz, the residents of Munchkinland prepared a welcome party for her and the three members of 'The Lollipop Guild' were one of the groups to welcome Dorothy.

Maren, a member of the guild, handed Dorothy a lollipop at the end of their short song for her.

For a long time, he was thought of as the "lollipop kid".

The Munchkins of OZ were well loved, but the Globe and Mail says most of them went on to work outside of Hollywood In 2003 Maren had his own handprints and footprints saved in cement outside of Hollywood's Chinese Theatre. At this time he was one of two living Munchkins.

Fellow Munchkin Ruth L.Duccini passed away in 2014 from natural causes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This left the "Lollipop kid" as the last living cast member of the musical film.

Jerry Maren's career

Other works of Maren's included 'Planet of the Apes' and the TV show 'Seinfeld,' in the episode 'The Yada Yada.' However, he will be remembered most for his role in the 'Wizard of OZ.' It was perhaps the most famous role he played throughout his seven-decade career as an actor in Hollywood.

Although he had no children, Maren was married to actress Elizabeth Barrington, who also shared his short stature. The couple married in 1975 and remained that way until her death in 2011. That left her husband a widower.

Maren left behind a lasting legacy with his role in the 'Wizard of Oz.'