There’s tension brewing right now in some of the fan pages for ‘Yuri on Ice’ as they felt being hoodwinked by the showrunners. The last time they saw an original episode of the series was last December 2016. Legions of fans still believe that Mitsuro Kubo is on top of it, but sad to say, even the writer of this epic anime series cannot provide any details about it.

No updates for season 2

The only thing fans can do right now is to reminisce those monumental moments between Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki and they can do that by reaching it in numerous online streaming website for anime or via DVD and Blu-Ray.

It is widely understood by their fan base that following up a massive success takes a lot of work, however, some of them are already requesting any feedback or updates from Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsuro Kubo.

Social media is indeed powerful and this is the only mode of communication between the writer of the show and its avid fans. Multiple post, tags and videos have been uploaded to get the attention of the showrunners but still no response. ‘Yuri on Ice’ is now becoming the counterpart of ‘Rick and Morty’, two shows who are at their peak, but their long hiatus is costing some trouble in the paradise that they created.

It’s no secret that ‘Yuri On Ice’ will be one of the most iconic anime series in history.

The way they portrayed and discussed a very delicate subject just showed everybody how creative the showrunners work and to this day, the controversy that they created due to same sex relationship is still creating a buzz. The same buzz created by the legendary anime, Ranma ½. It might have different plot, but gender role was and always has been questioned by the mainstream media.

Uncanny popularity

How big is ‘Yuri on Ice’? Well, let’s check one by one. During the recent winter Olympics, the recent performance of famous figure skaters Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara was attributed to ‘Yuri on Ice’. Did they win any award? The right word that comes to mind when talking about YOI is complete domination at the inaugural Anime Awards presented by Crunchyroll.

Blu Ray, DVD’s, memorabilia, you name it, they are able to sell more compared to other anime series.

They also destroyed social media, specifically on Twitter when they were recognised as the most tweeted anime series with 1,440,596 tweets. Again, there's no release date yet for Season 2 and the only reliable source of information when it comes to its sequel is either Mitsuro Kubo or Saro Yamamoto.