Apart from the brilliant storyline of Pat Phelan’s plan, the showrunners decided to up the ante on Gail and David. This was an excellent move as fans are still trying to move on from the suicide of Aidan. They also don’t want to see another death in the series after that of Pat Phelan. There are two major aspects that are brewing right now. First, David’s rape revelation (which Gail will be attached to) and, second, David divulges all information about Josh Tucker’s arrest.

When will Gail learn?

Throughout the years, we’ve seen various characters making mistakes in the episodic soap opera.

However, Gail is an exception as she keeps making the same mistake. Seeking advice is not really a bad thing; seeking advice from somebody that has a bad track record could be a disaster. Upon hearing her son opening up about his rape case, Gail automatically thought of Rosemary. She is the same person who proposed the idea of Richard Hillman’s curse on Gail’s family. Although some of her prophecies are correct, we can’t also disregard the idea that she might be an accomplice. Audrey and Roy were already suspicious about Rosemary, but Gail isn’t really listening.

Next week, as scheduled, Gail will again ask for Rosemary's help in trying to connect the dots between the problems that her family is experiencing right now.

Without hesitation, she will provide an enormous amount of money to pay for Gail's services. This is not a smart move, to say the least, as Rosemary isn’t the kind of person whom the family can trust. But knowing Gail and her impulsive decision making, we might be about to see the fall of the Platt clan.

David’s Rape Case and Josh Tucker’s arrest

Finally, David has opened up about his horrific ordeal in the series. This is the very reason why he has been acting strange lately - something which his family members, especially his mum (Gail), were able to notice. This is another delicate topic that the show tackled while being able to walk a thin line perfectly.

Anybody who has even watched documentaries about rape victims will surely understand the backlash that is happening to David. Physically, emotionally and mentally, he has not been the same after he was molested by Josh Tucker. It will even take time to talk about it and that’s what he’ll do next week. Josh drugged David which is basically an indication that his crime was predetermined. David has only one goal in mind and that is to put Josh behind bars. However, there are speculations that an unlikely friend of David's will "throw him under the bus".