Prepare your hearts to be shattered as the season finale is about to unfold an unconventional ending that even the producers of the show cannot grasp. Ending a show with a bang has and always been a pattern in any given series. This is their way to show their creativeness in dealing with a certain story angle. But for "Arrow", it will be a lot different compared to the past five years. It has already been reported by that it encompasses four major surprises. Regarding those surprises, a certain spoiler for season 7 was also added.

The Longbow Hunters

Team Arrow can’t seem to catch a break. They haven’t even dealt with the notorious Ricardo Diaz and now his gang is coming for them. For those who aren’t familiar, “The Longbow Hunters” were introduced back in 1987 by DC Comics. One thing to keep in mind about this group is they show no mercy and are highly influenced by “The Dragon” Ricardo Diaz. The solidarity of their gang is what makes them very dangerous. Notable comic fans have stated that they are the comical representation of what having a gang used to be back in the 80’s.

So how will they cross path with the Green Arrow? If the soreness will govern their storyline without making any changes to what is written in the comics, then most of the fans already have an idea of what is going to happen.

Knowing the history of the show and the way they tweak some storylines, however, it is better for the fans to wait for the episode to happen. Producers don’t want to make the same mistake that they had in the previous episodes. As Guggenheim stated, it would be rude not to include “Longbow Hunters” especially when they had already made an announcement.

Welcome, Batwoman

This is not a joke or fake news as the star of the show himself, Stephen Amell stated that there will be a crossover between "Arrow" and "Batwoman". He hasn’t even made any dramatic gestures when he made the announcement. Amell was very upfront with his spoiler alert and provided the timeline for when it is going to happen.

He ended his interview stating that he needs to go and start filming as the plan is to get the crossover done so it will be included in December. If that is not enough, CW President Mark Pedowitz also released a statement about adding the “City of Gotham” to “Arrowverse”. Now, who will play the role of Batwoman? Sorry, but we don’t have information about that either. However, we might need to check social media accounts of our main characters as they might spill the beans on the new member of 'Arrowverse'.