Just when the fans thought the chaos was over, tension is again boiling as the race for the two mayoral candidates heats up. Fred and Hermoine are completely different to say the least. This is one of the few reasons why they are going against each other in the pivotal election. However, this is not the only plot that needs to be checked as Betty, Cheryl and Hiram are caught under a crossfire.


Okay, a recap is a must for us to better understand what is happening in ‘Riverdale’. Chapter 32 episode 19 shocked everybody with dozens of revelations which led to a lot of speculations.

The story will continue to revolve around Cheryl and the Black Hood killer. Then, they introduce another angle wherein Betty held Chic at gunpoint. Also, we have two main characters held hostage, which is somehow confusing a lot of viewers.

Black Hood Guy

First, who is the character hiding in the Black Hood? Well, there are three speculations on who the person is but Mr. Svenson is a unanimous thought. The only problem is, this theory was debunked the other day as it was revealed that the allegation was fake. If that is the case, not only the Black Hood is deadly, he might as well be one of the main characters as ‘Riverdale’ fanatics suggest.

The past will dictate the future

Next, the race between Fred and Hermoine.

It is fully documented that both guys wanted to win for different reasons. For those who aren’t familiar with the plot, Hermoine used to date Fred which is Archie’s father. They were supposed to be together, but Hermoine chose the wealthy Hiram Lodge. Her family moved to New York, where Hiram was staying until he was arrested for fraud and embezzlement.

Hermoine opted to go back to ‘Riverdale’ with Veronica and that is the beginning of their new journey.

Hiram Lodge, on the other hand, has a sneaky plan. Yes, the odds are not in his favour right now. But knowing Hiram and his ability to manipulate people, it will be of no surprise if he will find a new ally. The showrunners haven’t exactly stated on who it will be but the folks in ‘Riverdale’ should be ready.

As for Betty, she is still bothered by the Black Hood guy and she believes that she knows who this mysterious guy is. She then turned to Cheryl to ask for assistance. The conversation started well until a certain message struck Cheryl which causes some tension.

Everything in ‘Riverdale’ right has now been in a complete mess with no certainty on their status. As chapter 33 unfolds this May 2nd, who knows, there might be another death or the guy wearing Black Hood might be named already.