What is promised is debt, so here we bring you the second analysis of the week corresponding to the last episodes of Dragon Ball Super issued in Japan, specifically, Chapter 61.

Today we release the analysis format with all the letters since we will include a final valuation of each episode. And what better way to release it than with this chapter, as it has been consecrated as one of the most impressive of the series to date!

The chapter starts with a great monologue by Goku Black, the Zamasu of the present timeline, where he explains to the Z warriors that he ended the life of his teacher Gowasu.

He became Kaioshin and travelled in time with the ring of the gods to begin his plan and fulfil his desire: to exchange his body with Goku.

Timeline confusion

If you remember, in episode 59 we saw how Zamasu ended Gowasu, but Whis stepped back in time to avoid the tragedy, so there are two timelines in the present: one in the Beerus murders Zamasu to save Gowasu and another in which Zamasu kills Gowasu without anyone preventing him from doing it (and this is the Zamasu that becomes Goku Black, exchanging his body with Goku and thus initiating his sadistic plan).

After killing Goku and his family, Goku Black (Zamasu) travels to the future with the time ring to meet his other self, who also began to feel an awakening hatred towards his master and the rest of humanity.

To facilitate the task, Goku Black finishes with Gowasu and recruits Zamasu, obtaining immortality later with Super Dragon Balls and thus beginning his Zero Human Plan. The objective? Land in the timeline of future Trunks, where there is no Bills, god of destruction, and kill all the Kaioshin and humans to restart the ideal existence.

Villain monologue errors

Once he finishes his monologue, Goku Black informs the Son Goku that not only stole his body and murdered him, but he annihilated his family without mercy. At that moment, Goku explodes with rage, as he had never done before in Dragon Ball Super, and unleashes all his inner power against the two adversaries.

In fact, this gives him license to act with a certain cockiness against Zamasu is allowed, dealing a blow to the back without even looking at his face.

However, Goku Black increases his strength with each blow received and knocks Goku out with his new ki sword. At that moment, Trunks reacts and asserts in front of his father that he will finish them off, which unleashes a devastating comment on the part of Zamasu: "You are a sinner, Trunks The appearance of the new time ring has been caused by your constant time travel, which has caused a great space-time distortion and has led to this situation. You have killed the earthlings, you are the great culprit of those here today.”

After hearing these harsh words, impotent and deranged, Trunks explodes in anger before his enemies, deploying a new transformation that is enshrined as a hybrid state between Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan Blue.

In addition, the eyes of the Saiyan remain blank, as on the occasion when he faced Cell, although his muscles are not enhanced so much. Trunks cannot stand the situation anymore and brings the end to an episode full of drama and anger.


1- At last we are shown a really serious Goku on screen during the whole episode. The fans missed this strength of Saiyan during the fight, as Dragon Ball Super has been abusing these jovial, joking and sometimes stupid characters too much.

2 - It is curious to see Goku with the body of Zamasu, and even more so if he appears dressed in the farmer attire. When Goten opens his eyes and sees what his father has become, he cannot help but let out a cry of horror.

3- The episode does not skimp when it comes to showing all the cold-blooded murders. The death of Gowasu is really shocking, but the hairs stand on end when Goku Black murders Goten and Chichí, with Goku lying dead on the farm.

4- We already have a new state Saiyan for the collection, this time, motivated by an attack of rage (as usual). This is characterised by an electrifying bluish aura that intermingles with that of the Super Saiyan, resulting in a hybrid transformation between the Super Saiyan Blue and the conventional. In addition, the volume of muscles also increases.