Nick Wall worked with the likes of David Bowie, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Daniel Craig, Michael Caine, Glenn Close and many other celebrities in the film industry. Daniel Stisen who stars as the main character released his statement about the film and explained why is Retribution different from the other action films in Hollywood.

Award-winning film

Retribution is Nick‘s first directing job, but with his great experience within the film industry makes the film stand out. The film has been nominated for the Best Action film, and Best International, Best Director and Best actor in several festivals so far, a total of around 10-12 nominations, and one win so far.

Former Bodybuilding Champion and actor Daniel Stisen stars as the main character “The Hobo” in Retribution, he is also the creator of Retribution. Daniel has been in movies like Justice League, Jurassic World, King Arthur and much more over the last years, but now stepping up for bigger roles, and are attached to over 10 upcoming US, UK, and European movies.

Best actor nomination

Daniel has been nominated for “Best Actor” for his role as the Hobo in Retribution. He commented why the Retribution film so different from Hollywood films: "We wanted to make something cool, something different, something dark and a little weird, something with extreme action, amazing fight scenes, and something that is sometimes political uncorrected, what you don’t see in mainstream Hollywood.

If you take some inspirations in films like Punisher some John Wick, and a homeless person, who drinks to much, who lives like an animal on the streets of London, and no normal characters, with a clash of personalities I’ve seen in the gyms trough my life you get what we have in Retribution Movie. We want it to be entertaining and cool."

Audience loves it

Stisen said they got very positive feedback from those closed screenings they have done: "Audience loves it because it's cool, it got very good action fights, and different, with very high film technical standards.

We had a very experienced crew that been working in places like Pinewood Studios, Twickenham Studio and been working on films like Star Wars, Thor, The Martian and so on, mixed with new crew talents, who made it possible, even if it was shot on lower budget, then they are used to do, but that’s what makes indy film more fun, you need to find clever solutions, where the money don’t pay. We hope you like the teaser, and we will soon release a Retribution pilot very soon online." #Film