Victory could be for universe 7 only if he is able to keep time as the central axis and if he becomes aware of the importance of the Tournament he could advance.

Possible eliminated participants

It is thought that Android 17 and Freeza may be the next eliminated considering that they look weak compared to other players, but we can not deny that despite their shortcomings they do well in the competition. Possibly Freeza survives the fight against Toppo but it is not definitive, it is just speculation. Detailing a bit about the theme Android 17 may be eliminated but if Toppo and 17 are eliminated in the next episodes we would have three fighters from Universe 7 and a fighter from Universe 11.

Counting Freeza is one of the remaining fighters of Universe 7 which leaves us with much expectation because we know in advance that nothing good can come from this malevolent character who previously has already offered his services to Universe 11, this gives us some indication that his actions have been executed with hidden intention. More comments arise when it comes to Freeza, speculations cannot wait because nobody trusts him. It is expected that at the end of this season Freeza's character will definitely die.

What is the true weakness of Toppo?

As things go in the tournament we can be almost certain that Jiren will not be eliminated before Toppo. These two participants are really powerful and the Universe 7 has unbeatable capabilities within the competition.

Jiren for his part despite being a character of few words shows a perfect attitude of concentration and fixation with respect to the Tournament of power. But even though Jiren is strong Toppo has undoubtedly been the best and we still do not know how he will be defeated. This is a good question for all the fans of this series.There is talk that Toppo has a power similar to a God of Destruction and mainly uses his energy as a power of destruction and we have already witnessed his strength.

Even this character is able to use his power consciously and unconsciously. All of us who follow this series closely imagine how it is to be defeated, so we can simply deduce that in order to overcome, the overwhelming power of pure hand-to-hand combat can be used.

For all his fans what has happened so far has been unforgettable in the Tournament of Power, great surprises, mysteries, and concerns for the characters. Actually many of us struggle internally for the results in each battle.