Arguably the most sought out episode in the entire franchise is set to provide a dramatic and unforgettable ending. Legions of fans are still bewildered by the revelation that happened in Episode 130. Nobody expected Android 17 to be still alive and same goes with the evil emperor, Frieza. Just when Jiren is about to eliminate Goku out of the fighting stage, Android 17 and Frieza stepped up to intervene in Jiren’s attack.

Jiren's Last Stand

Jiren the Gray is still the strongest warrior in the tournament. There’s an ongoing debate about this since Goku was able to attain and master Ultra Instinct in an instant.

However, Jiren fought everybody in their strongest form. The warrior from Universe 11 has been double teamed or even triple teamed but against all odds, he rises on top. The situation might be a little complicated right now as he is banged up and visibly hurt by Goku’s furious attack.

There’s a scene in the last episode where it clearly shows that Jiren is having doubt about his power. This is the very first time that he displayed a sign of weakness. Android 17 and Frieza also noticed it and attacked Jiren with all their might. The only problem is, the unlikely duo’s combined power is not enough to eliminate Jiren. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean Universe 7 doesn’t have a chance to win the tournament.

The winner is

The preview for the next and last episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is very intriguing. There’s a scene were the God of Destruction Beerus, Kaioshin and Old Kai were shocked about something. Famed YouTube sensation ExperGamez suggest that Universe 7 will survive, based on the clip. And he might be correct as he is considered as one of the best at breaking down some angles in "Dragon Ball Super."

There’s a couple of images that support that notion as well.

The Grand Priest Daishinkan was summoned and was directly looking at Super Shenron while Beerus and Old Kai were on the other angle. The Omni-King or Zeno also stood up in the presence of Super Shenron as if he was waiting for Universe 7’s wish. But who survived and eliminated Jiren from the stage? Is it possible that Goku did the unthinkable which is to sacrifice himself again?

What if Frieza survived and Super Shenron grants his wish which is to have absolute power and control over the Gods?

What if Zeno or Daishinkan awarded Jiren as the MVP of the tournament and allowed him to have one wish? These are just a few questions that will surely be answered this Sunday. The only thing guaranteed right now is, episode 131 will shatter TV ratings.