One of the biggest female exports to come from America - Taylor Swift, today has managed to claim the number one spot on the UK album charts. This is now the third time Taylor has had a number one album in the UK, despite the fact she has still yet to claim number one spot on the UK singles chart - even with her latest singles, 'Look What You Made Me Do' and '...Ready For It?'

Her latest album 'Reputation' has now become the fastest selling album by an female artist in the world, which is very impressive considering it is still not available on streaming services Spotify and Apple Music - it has currently sold over 84,000 copies this week in total.

The Rise Of The New Taylor:

Taylor Swift has very recently reappeared onto the music scene dropping three new singles and two brand new (and interesting) music videos. They have received multiple reviews from people been very impressed and enjoying the new sounds and vibes she seems to be going with and some people not been as impressed and complain at the difference in styles - claiming she was never the type of artist to release some of the music she ha been working on.

The Look What You Made Me Do (lyric) music video itself has over 89million views on Youtube, the official music video for this song has managed to rack up an impressive 716 million views across the world in just six weeks.

The ...Ready For It?

music video on Youtube has also done very well online achieving more than 100 million views on Youtube in just two weeks since it was released.

With the success of the album and the sheer amount of views the videos have received online, it comes as a shock that she has still not been able to claim the number one spot on the UK singles chart.

What's Next For Taylor?

She has managed to create another Number one album despite not making any UK TV appearances or any sort of real promotional work over here for any of the singles or even for the release of the new album.

Everyone will now be expecting an appearance from Taylor Swift within the next week or so, on one of the popular TV programs such as The X Factor or one of the larger chat shows such as 'The Jonathan Ross Show' to help push the album even further in terms of sales - her album 'Reputation' is now currently the sixth best selling albums released in 2017, so maybe some more publicity from the likes of a TV appearance or a live TV performance may help push the sales even higher and push Taylor Swift even further up the UK singles leaderboard, currently topped by Ed Sheeran.