When you discover that stunning, down to earth, successful women like Jennifer Lawrence are single, it hardly bodes well for the rest of us. But alas, it is so.

Joking in a recent interview 'What dating life?', the star made light of her single status, admitting that it did seem "really sad".

Of course, Jennifer is one badass female, who certainly doesn't need a man by her side, but it did get me thinking. What man would be fit to stand alongside Lawrence in her next relationship?

The singer's romantic tastes seem wide-ranging, from edgy British actor Nicholas Hoult to singer Chris Martin.

Could one of these five famous faces be the next to steal her heart?

Daniel Radcliffe

Is it just me that can't get enough of Daniel Radcliffe? Smart, successful, adorably geeky, he's come a long way since Hogwarts.

Famously good-natured and up for a laugh, Radcliffe could be the ideal red carpet sidekick for fun-loving Lawrence. Like Lawrence, Radcliffe hasn't let fame go to his head, in fact, he's more than willing to poke fun at himself:

When not joking around together, the pair could plan their next big break in the industry. A film starring these two? Count me in!

Harry Styles

The One Direction lads may seem of an altogether different generation to Jen, but as Liam Payne settles down with his first child, it seems those cheeky chappies are growing up fast.

As Styles seeks to make it on his own, could Lawrence's steady nature keep him on the straight and narrow? She's no stranger to dating singing sensations - these two might just be what each other needs.

Zac Efron

Whether you're into his acting or not, you can't deny, that kid's got abs. I'd give Zac Efron a chance just after watching this clip:

When done admiring each other's insane figures, these two could reminisce about the roles that made them famous.

High School Musical themed wedding, anyone?

Calvin Harris

He may not have hit it off with Taylor Swift (or Ellie Goulding, or Rita Ora..) but I have high hopes that Calvin Harris could be the one for Lawrence. Popular in his own right, he'd be plenty busy enough to avoid smothering Lawrence on set, while this mature music lover is closer to the Chris Martin model that caught her attention in 2015.

Aiden Turner

Irish actor Aiden Turner plays the heartthrob Poldark all too accurately and is easily the manliest man on my list of eligible bachelors. Anyone who can cause ladies to swoon when playing a dwarf (in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit) is bound to be a favourite.

No doubt Turner has a few acting tricks up his sleeve to impress Lawrence. Plus, he could give her a local's tour of the UK from Ireland right through to Cornwall.