Actor Charlie Sheen has never been a stranger to controversy. He has been embroiled in many scandals involving drugs and it was even revealed that he is now living with HIV. Another story has broken which seems to throw more dirt onto the already tarnished name of the Hollywood brand. Charlie Sheen has been accused of "sodomizing" the actor Corey Haim on the set of the 1986 movie "Lucas."

It is being alleged that the late actor, who died in 2010 told former actor Dominik Brascia about the incident.

In the face of these damming allegation against him, Charlie Sheen released a statement through his representatives saying he "categorically denies these allegations."

Hollywood's skeletons are going to need a graveyard

The late actor's friend and fellow child star Corey Feldman, has also come out recently and stated that he was also abused by people within the Hollywood fraternity and that he was going to be releasing details of the abuse shortly. According to the Daily Mail, it is suggested that Corey Feldman hinted about the alleged rape in his book "Coreyography: A Memoir." The actor Dominick Brascia told the National Enquirer that Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen had sex on the set of the movie, but after the alleged encounter, Charlie Sheen became "very cold and not interested in him."

More allegations have been levelled at the actor, who has starred in films such as "Platoon" and is also the star of the sitcom "Two and a Half Men." The actor has been accused of kissing a 17-year-old woman and trying to proposition her for sex on the set of the same 1986 film Lucas.

Every day a new revelation from Hollywood

There doesn't seem to have been a day that has gone by without fresh allegations being levelled at Hollywood stars when it comes to this type of behaviour. The A-List star Kevin Spacey's career appears to be all but over after the claims that have been directed towards him. New allegations have emerged today regarding the former "House of Cards" star, in which a former television anchor Heather Unruh claims that Kevin Spacey had sexually assaulted her son in a bar in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 2016.

The Harvey Weinstein story, the revelation that seemed to have opened the floodgates for these revelations has taken another turn this week. Actress Paz de la Huerta has filed a claim that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 2010, and the police describe her as a "credible witness." It is looking more likely that Harvey Weinstein will be indicted over this claim.

Just another day, just another story emerging from the open sewer which is known as Hollywood. With a number of claims that are emerging on a daily basis, Hollywood is going to need a graveyard to house the skeletons that are creeping out of their closet. Whether these latest claims turn out to be true, we will just have to wait and see. But the question everyone is asking themselves, is who will be in the spotlight tomorrow?